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  1. And this person says it’s for sure the name of WTM is Love not WTM LOL
  2. Yes. Until today ppl ask him about it lol edit: sorry. Wrong video!
  3. I know the guy who leaked the snippet back then in a Orkut britney community lol He didn’t know is was unleaked, he got it from a guy who sent him the snippet on MSN. Then he uploaded on YouTube and asked on the Orkut community asking which song was that. He is the same guy who uploaded a edit he did of a Simon Curtis song and it sounded “like” Britney singing with him. That’s how the Britney feat with him started lol
  4. She's so iconic! I've been to her last TV Show, Dancing Brasil, and there were a lot of ppl from Argentina there
  5. She is like Anitta's from 1980/1990, but bigger and from kids. She started as model in 70's/80's then became a TV presenter of children shows and sing songs for children. That's when she became HUGE. Her show was 4 hours long, every morning, from monday to friday. 4 of her albums are on the TOP10 most selling albums from Brazil History lol She was invited to do a TV show in Argentina, she learned spanish in 3 months. It lasted 3 years and it was sold for more than 20 Spanish speaking countries. Then she was invited to do a show in US. She recorded programs that was aired for 3 years. However, she has a heavy accent, that's why I think she didn't succeed in US like in Latin America. (But she was mentioned in Gilmore Girls lol). She recorded an English album as well, but it was never officially released. Then she did a show in Spain as well. The American show was dubbed as well in Japanese. And it was aired in Israel as well. She sold about 50 million albums, more albums than Beyoncé or XTina sold in her whole careers lol She is in the TOP50 most selling female in Music Industry worldwide. She was the first Brazilian to be on the Forbes list in 1991. She was so famous back then that Michael Jackson wanted to meet her and take her to Neverland. Then a few days later, he sent a lawer to ask her if she wanted to marry him. Of course she said no. She did TV shows, films, albums, tours. Her outfit are sexy for a children's show, but it was Brazil in 80/90's, so it was okay for the time lol (I wish Britney wore some outfit like hers) She was so huge that she was my mother's favorite show when she was a child, she was my favorite show when I was a child and my 5 years old little sister likes her as well. Also successful as a businesswoman, she has the highest net worth of any Brazilian female entertainer, estimated at US$1 billion. She was a fashion icon. Google her in the 80's. Her outfits were amazing lol Beyoncé wore like her, but 20 years later lol She's so iconic!