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  1. Tomorrow you're snatching a crown @trixiemattel

  2. Not many people https://t.co/CbWBPKWqzI

  3. RT @KneeSeasCortes: In Saudi Arabia Britneys album covers have to be edited.. https://t.co/aB9JAzc1gC

  4. RT @yehezkiel123: The same people who brag about unfairly high standard of beauty that the industry sets for female stars are the same peop…

  5. Dela’s Drag Race

  6. RT @Iovemedown: https://t.co/ZyZmGr9s2z


  8. RT @britneyxcheetos: Kim teaching Blac Chyna how to suck dick https://t.co/MfMWMtalGt

  9. RT @bbyg: "ain't that the rah rah bitch?" https://t.co/dgaWy10vGi

  10. This is why I like being single https://t.co/WY82jhHmo6

  11. RT @captainleinald: You, MILK. MILK who dared talk over our skinny legend, Trixie Mattel? I could not believe it. #AllStars3 https://t.co/…

  12. @mrbritster Yes! That’s worth more than the poster tbh

  13. @MariahCarey I saw Mariah and I screamed. The retail girl that was standing there asked me if I needed anything and… https://t.co/wgY2vKh56C

  14. RT @dairrre: The intro of Touch Of My Hand reversed ? https://t.co/65ag0TKBkc

  15. RT @heyandrewjoel: @Kingnacio The fact that he can get 400 million views on a video of random shots of him doing random shit lol... sigh. B…