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  1. @Camila_Cabello @voguemagazine I love you I can’t wait to meet you beautiful queen of vogue

  2. RT @Britneysmoments: Me when World War 3 begins and I have to go defend my country https://t.co/nWuX6NIjtA

  3. RT @HausOfInfo: Me after signing the entire Dance In The Dark bridge in one breath https://t.co/1ldXqEY4MG

  4. Christina Aguilera fans waiting for her to release the song with Demi https://t.co/9FDh4SaDea

  5. RT @PopCrave: [email protected]_Cabello celebrates "Never Be The Same" becoming the first RIAA Platinum certified song released in 2018. https://t.c…

  6. RT @youthots2: me after watching the video of Demi and Kehlani https://t.co/zlDKu7zbzS

  7. RT @abedelrey: Beyoncé and Rihanna in Sia’s parking lot when they hear that Sia wrote a new song https://t.co/U5r0qwQzXR

  8. RT @Minrel_Chile: ¿Sabías qué, aunque Bolivia?? dice que tiene derecho a una salida al mar con soberanía, nunca pidió a La Haya que le reco…

  9. @sophiahbennett Omggg they called me The Tourist because of the movie that came out around that time ? we were legends !

  10. this dance break with pesantemikey though omg slay @camilacabello97 #camilacabello #lollacl… https://t.co/UK0Pp2eO7l

  11. Tomorrow you're snatching a crown @trixiemattel

  12. Not many people https://t.co/CbWBPKWqzI

  13. RT @KneeSeasCortes: In Saudi Arabia Britneys album covers have to be edited.. https://t.co/aB9JAzc1gC

  14. RT @yehezkiel123: The same people who brag about unfairly high standard of beauty that the industry sets for female stars are the same peop…

  15. Dela’s Drag Race

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