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  1. my twitter feed is all about MM original video even though i think it's not
  2. there's a 1:33 min of the original video on twitter
  3. hyoga


    I'm really excited i guess the video release for Make me will be close Hopefully Friday
  4. OMG didnt see that comming
  5. hyoga

    Make me at...

    considering there was no promo, i think 17 is pretty decent, Katy on the other hand with all the promo got #11
  6. no 17 http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/7446774/katy-perry-rise-britney-spears-make-me-debut-hot-100
  7. The expectation of BB is decreasing it was #17 now they say it's going to be #19 and kettie purry #11
  8. i'm using a justfreevpn.com and streaming on youtube hope it's the right way
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