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  1. i mean these days why we don't get candids of her, it's not like the papz aren't interested in her anymore
  2. is trying to hide from the paparazzi, even k-fed is getting followed by them: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2664033/Kevin-Federline-wife-Victoria-Prince-spotted-newborn-baby-girl-time-gave-birth-two-months-ago.html
  3. I think they were taken by fans not papz
  4. I'm happy for her that she's finally having her privacy but i'd love to see her from time to time
  5. I think really the worst thin is making her do the xfactor
  6. I'm arleady promoting this site every where even in Britney's youtube's videos
  7. Amanda


    I still can't believe what he did, he was invited to so many special events, even britney wore the breatheheavy shirt once
  8. Amanda


    Jordan is being real about the change in BH and i don't think he's going to bring it back to britney spears forum, even PEREZ HILTON tweeted him to congratulate him and he replied thanking him, he's such an asshole, i really hope he's going to flop, we should promote this site well, otherwise britney will loose lot of fans
  9. I'm still in denial, i'm still hoping that this is a joke
  10. ( I want everyone to read this and take it seriously, i already posted this before however it got moved to the help section maybe because of the title, so here is it again) Hi guys, i just come here after the mess that happened in BH, i wasn't a member there however i used to check that website always since i'm a huge britney spears fan, jordan was so disrespectful for doing what he did there and i do believe in just few weeks if not even days the britney spears forum will be deleted there so we should use this time to promote this site there, he threatened there to ban everyone there who promotes this site but let's be real till now all the users there are still Britney fans so if everyone promotes this site there in every thread, this can be #1 britney site and he who won't be able to keep banning users otherwise he won't have any users there and don't say that this is a basic site, if we all come here the owner of this site will care and develop it.
  11. Amanda


    Can i move it back there or no??
  12. Amanda


    I found it, it got moved to the help forum, i don't why?? here is it : http://britney-galaxy.com/universe/index.php?/topic/1276-i-need-help/
  13. Amanda


    No it was britney related
  14. Amanda


    I think my previous thread got deleted why is that?? i didn't do anything against the rules???
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