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  1. I'm here for Mariah and Britney AND Xtina and Britney ... That would be too much legend for one album tbh
  2. Britney fans could talk ALL day about how bad BJ is and it's mostly because Britney OBVIOUSLY didn't have as much input as we were told! We got some GREAT tracks, Work Bitch is iconic, Perfume is fantastic... But then potentially great tracks like Alien and Passenger we're completely trashed in post production. Someone (I think it was on exhale) remixed alien and made the vocals sound MUCH better and made it far more listenable. Passenger's stems I know were floating around in 2013 but haven't leaked ... I wish someone would remix Passenger too and add more of Britney's parts. BJ should've been produced solely by William Orbit. I said before he's the only William that should've been on the album a William Orbit album would've been fantastic... Work Bitch should've been the most "dance" sounding song on the album. I think it should've been a primarily electropop album. Britney's Magnum Opus in Dance-pop is Femme Fatale (or Blackout, if you discount the edgier sound for pop.) BJ can't decide whether it's a dance or pop album or both. I wish this era was better for her, it clearly damaged her reputation more than it needed to be, and the producers and her team are mostly to blame.
  3. I understand that, I just don't see how it would be any more difficult than doing all of the copyright stuff for an album. No money would need to be invested for a physical release, no promo, appearances etc. I imagine it would be very easy.
  4. Wait, so most of the FF leaks were from a source that stole them? That makes total sense if they were stolen. Honestly charging people and PROFITING off of material that isn't yours is just more incriminating. I'm sure the source of those leaks was selling the material before it leaked. I honestly hate the way record companies deal with this. They don't give superfans ANY access at all to any unreleased tracks or stems, and then punish people who leak them to fans. (At least it seems that way.) I can understand the frustration when your new material leaks. It ruined the release of Madonna's Rebel Heart, and it probably suffered in sales because of it. It's completely understandable when it's new material. Labels, however, are missing out on a huge financial opportunity by barring the sale of stems and unreleased material. I mean, what are you seriously going to do with unreleased material and stems that are 10-20 years or more older now? All it's doing is sitting on a shelf or on a harddrive. Let's not forget that songwriters, producers, artists/musicians, studio time, engineers etc. all cost the label money. So why let that go to waste when there are fans that LOVE and want the unreleased material? Barbra Streisand did it with "Release Me" in 2012, and it has some great, memorable tracks on it, and plus, now you're getting revenue from that old, "wasted" material. With FLAC and lossless music nowadays, I'm starting not to care as much about physical releases, especially low-end ones, so that alone should save the label money. Carly Rae Jepsen is another example, I RAN when I heard about Emotion Side B. I never bought something so fast in my life. Fans WANT to buy this material, and by allowing fans access to buy, they're reducing the risk of it showing up on file sharing sites and also reducing the risk of hackers trying to find unreleased material. There are so many bsides and hard to find tracks I would love to buy that have been released, but aren't available in my country, another thing I don't understand. These sort of releases would not even need to cost much. They wouldn't have to spend anything promoting it aside from social media and a press release, because the fans will be the FIRST to know. I just don't understand it. I'm an avid music / audiophile, and so many of us are inside these fan groups and love hearing instrumentals, acapellas, stems and more. Labels are missing out.
  5. Not even that, but why don't traders share some of the exclusive content with the fans that WANT it? Fans that DEFINITELY would not leak and would enable them to trade with other Britney fans. That's the problem with "trading". It's an exclusive club and not many people are willing to give
  6. Honestly if Britney just put out an exclusive 20 year anniversary compilation of unreleased songs, this wouldn't be such a point of contention with fans. I would BUY an 8-12 track album of unreleased songs in a MILISECOND. Then we could all have the same songs. I really hate trading and wish there was a market for stems and outtakes. Labels would make alot of money.
  7. I saw one cassette that had these and another unreleased song on them, it was like 6 or 7 songs
  8. Let Me Take You There is giving me Do You Know (What It Takes) vibes
  9. Her vocals in You Got It All though... Sad this isn't the full cassette and that it isn't a better quality rip a 20th anniversary BOMT re-release with these cuts would be AMAZING but knowing team B ...
  10. Britney doesn't need to sit for long periods of time in makeup. Honestly I would be shocked if her VMAs makeup exceeded 45 minutes.
  11. Serving me Judy Garland teas
  12. I think Femme Fatale is one of her best, most cohesive albums. Definitely top 5, if not #4 for me after Glory. She really slayed the charts in 2011, boy did we take that for granted
  13. I personally liked the BBMAs much more. That was her best performance in YEARS imo. My wig that night was no where to be found.
  14. She looks great here. My fave makeup of hers as of recent was her 2016 VMAs makeup. Whoever did her makeup that day needs to be hired as her permanent makeup artist.
  15. This thread is a god damn mess. I stopped replying because it's obvious there was no respect for having different opinions. I mean, throwing out there that fans who are upset are "bratty", "entitled", "whiney bitches", and so forth... That's just ugly. I don't judge people on superficial things, and I don't judge you if you like something from Britney I don't. We're all fans for different reasons. There's no use in making an argument if you can't respect other people's input and validate their opinions. Respect should always come first, y'all. Don't get so petty. Go to exhell if you want arguments.