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  1. I wasn't sure about Sam at first because I was living for her staying single and "taking a break from men", or however she worded it. However he seems like he really cares about her, and he's always praising her. I think if she wanted another child, now's the time Brit
  2. Now I'm excited! Announce that Glory extended play / re-release and surprise drop / perform a new single tonight while you're at it Britney
  3. If Britney could score 4 top 10 hits in one year (including 2 at #1) just 6 years ago, she can easily get another top 10 hit. Not to mention TTWE and IWG were hugely successful on radio and had longevity on the charts (and a big part of that was because of the fans who relentlessy organized and requested the tracks on the radio). I think we all had huge expectations for FF because we we're still riding high with the Circus era. But looking back, FF was a pretty solid era. Things went all downhill when Jive went defunct. BJ was a collosal disaster... And we barely got any promo for that era. Things improved with Glory, but I don't think there was enough of a push from the label. We got so much great promo, but not much promo for the singles. Make Me could've been more successful. I honestly think Britney needs an image makeover. It's worked for Madonna countless times. She needs songs that she can perform live and show off the vocals she hides that only the fans KNOW she has. Her image suffered badly with the Britney Jean mess. Glory was so fresh and current, and easily the best album she's released in 10 years, so it SHOULD have been successful. I think with how much the industry has changed for women in such a short period of time only shows us that in the era of 2017 and 2018 you have to work extra hard to be noticed. There are so many factors that explain her decline since FF. It's not solely her. It never was, it's almost always been outside influences. I'm hoping in 2018, for her 20 year anniversary, we get another solid album and a much better era. Her switching labels to Columbia (as rumored) would be a great start. I will never stop believing in Britney, no matter what.
  4. Someone HAS to have them if they leaked. I never erase any of my Britney stuff would love to make a Myah-free mix. And I totally agree with you — her best vocals on the album are perfume. Don't even get me started with the Alien vocals.... You couldn't just tell her it was a bad take and ask her to re-record the vocals with more warm ups? Britney Jean was an auto tune nightmare. Britney is clearly more than capable of singing. I hate it when her voice is unnecessarily auto tuned. With Alien it's almost like they added more auto tune on top of what was already there. William Orbit should make remixes of some of the tracks, that would be heaven. He should've been the only William on the album Someone needs to hunt those passenger stems down tbh
  5. This was easily one of the best collectible items for fans. I'm still so happy I have mine and got it when it came out. They should definitely re release this with new singles
  6. Still cannot believe we didn't get something like this with David Lachepelle for the main artwork
  7. Work Bitch is still a bop, one of her best singles tbh. Body Ache is also a guilty pleasure of mine Passenger would be flawless without Myah Marie (those stems need to leak tbh) Perfume Dreaming Mix is still flawless Now that I Found You (which was almost released as a single and it should've been) slays This would've been a much better album without Shit.I.am. Still salty he ruined Alien (the leaked version was a thousand times better)
  8. It's cool! You should PM me the WAV rip tbh I've been thinking of sharing all of the instrumentals I've put together on here
  9. Jive shut down, so all of their artists kind of didn't get much of a say. I wish she would've just not renewed her contract (to transition into RCA at least) and let it lapse and then search for a reputable label that could provide all of the resources she needed
  10. YESSSSSS PLEASE. And please Britney leave some of your team behind with it! RCA hasn't been good for her career and it seems like the last couple of albums and eras have been plagued with problems... Take control Brit! Give us your best queen!
  11. Love that photo of her, is that new? But not EA using recycled Private Show footage for the TV ad
  12. I could easily say the same. Neither of us really know, however, it's kind of obvious Britney didn't have alot of input in Femme Fatale. I'm very familiar with mental illness, and it only gets worse if you aren't taking care of yourself. Britney has been in an almost 10 year remission. She's more than capable of taking care of herself. We have all seen the results with Britney when she has more control and isn't given a definite direction to take — her three best albums, In the Zone, Blackout and Glory. Glory has given us some of her best performances since the Circus era. Britney can and does make decisions. She's just very reserved and will listen to what others want and think she should do. If she had more freedom to make decisions, we'd probably have most of the original Make Me video. As I mentioned, show business is extremely grueling. A couple weeks is not long enough to have a promotion schedule for an album, then immediately go back to performing a show when the weeks are up. My belief is if Vegas ended in early 2016 or 2015, she would've devoted her time to a tour. She loves Glory, and that passion was enough in my belief for her to want to get out there and rally for it. There's a dramatic difference between 2016- Britney and let's say 2011-2015 Britney. She got more control over her album and wasn't told who to work with or anything like that. The result is clear. She was happier, more comfortable, and more excited about her work. Just like any person whose happy with their work would be. Anyone would have more passion in their work if they solely worked on it and they really believe in it. My point is, Britney is very stable in her life, and all signs point to that. 10 years is more than long enough to prove you can take care of yourself - and she has done that in strides. She's not this frail, anxious, woman that breaks with even the slightest bit of push back. She has the thickest skin in the business. She was the highest paid female musician in 2012, and still makes a more than great income with Vegas. We now see Britney doing good things with her money, with her building the childhood cancer facility. No one in Britney's position would hang it all up at 35. Just,... No. And I'm not this crazy fan demanding she work more, either. I can't demand anything from her. Would I like to see more promo? Of course! But that's up to her and her team. I'm just using common sense and basing my observations off of what we've seen in her the last few eras.
  13. Love your collection! Out of curiosity what is the bside on your Gimme More single? I've been making a collection of instrumentals from CD singles and stems, and the Gimme More copy I have is a bad master
  14. I know exactly what you're talking about. My point is, Britney only doesn't want to go all in when she's being told everything to do. The passion is STILL there. She called Glory her baby. She just needs to be allowed more control over her career. She wouldn't still be in the game 20 years later if she couldn't handle it. She could very well just take a break if she wanted to "take it easy", but I don't see her retiring. Not at 35.
  15. I find that hard to believe. I don't think ANY person works in show business to "take it easy". Show business is extremely grueling and demanding. And Britney Spears has the toughest skin in the business. The thing with Britney though, it seems she's very okay with being told what to do. That was pretty much the entire Femme Fatale era. Glory was her first opportunity in a while to do what SHE wanted with the album, and the difference was real. Britney only "isn't interested", if she didn't have input and doesn't have the passion for the project. I think the reason we didn't get a lot promo with Glory is because of Vegas. I honestly wish she wrapped that up last year before dropping Glory. She could've done "The Private Show Starring Britney Spears". She should re-release Glory with new songs and remixes and tour, honestly. Glory deserves more attention. I have no doubt she would've worked her heart out with Glory if she didn't have Vegas to do. And also to add on, it's LONG overdue now to end the conservatorship. Britney's kids are growing up now, and she's MORE than capable of managing herself. I think the fans who believe Britney doesn't have it in her anymore would be SHOOK with a no-conservatorship era. If Glory is Britney getting more control of the album, just IMAGINE her getting control of the entire era. Britney is 35 years old, she is FAR from over. Madonna is turning 60 next year and she's still running the game. I refuse to accept that Britney is semi-retired at 35.