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  1. Britney doesn't need to sit for long periods of time in makeup. Honestly I would be shocked if her VMAs makeup exceeded 45 minutes.
  2. Serving me Judy Garland teas
  3. I think Femme Fatale is one of her best, most cohesive albums. Definitely top 5, if not #4 for me after Glory. She really slayed the charts in 2011, boy did we take that for granted
  4. I personally liked the BBMAs much more. That was her best performance in YEARS imo. My wig that night was no where to be found.
  5. She looks great here. My fave makeup of hers as of recent was her 2016 VMAs makeup. Whoever did her makeup that day needs to be hired as her permanent makeup artist.
  6. This thread is a god damn mess. I stopped replying because it's obvious there was no respect for having different opinions. I mean, throwing out there that fans who are upset are "bratty", "entitled", "whiney bitches", and so forth... That's just ugly. I don't judge people on superficial things, and I don't judge you if you like something from Britney I don't. We're all fans for different reasons. There's no use in making an argument if you can't respect other people's input and validate their opinions. Respect should always come first, y'all. Don't get so petty. Go to exhell if you want arguments.
  7. I'm comparing the situation to the Make Me situation. If you think i'm comparing them as artists, you're not reading into it correctly. Saying I'm not satisfied is not judging the situation though? I'm not saying "Britney's a piece of garbage for not telling us!" I'm saying I don't like the video, and I would've much preferred the original video and photoshoot for the album. The only criticism I have for her team is that they leave the fans hanging and seem to always be the cause of something. But that's not personal You're reading way too far into this. Calling me entitled and bratty is just casting judgement, when I didn't once say you were wrong for having your own opinions. Anyway, I said about 700 posts ago if you can't see my point of view and respect it, then let's just agree to disagree.
  8. Thank you for posting an answer instead of going on the offense.
  9. Where did I compare Hilary Duff's fan base to Britney's? I gave you an example of how fans asking questions and making their voices heard can sometimes lead to the artist giving them what they wanted. Fans hated her Sparks video (for basically being a Tinder commercial, sound familiar?) And so she put up a "fan demanded" version of the video without the product placement. It's just giving back to your fans! And I'm sorry you think I'm bratty and entitled. I don't know you, I don't think anything badly or judgemental of you. If you like the video and you're satisfied with what we have, that's your prerogative, just like it's mine to be upset and not satisfied. I'm not the one casting personal judgements here sweetie
  10. With all due respect, were not the ones bringing "little kids getting shot up and killed" into a discussion about a music video I stand by everything I said. I still don't think fans asking questions about it is asking too much, or acting "entitled", in fact I think that's absurd. And don't act like you wouldn't complain and demand answers when you get poor service at a store or a restaurant. Plenty of people do and that's their right! Just like it's mine and 16,000 other Britney fans right to hate the Make Me video. At the end of the day, it is just a music video, but as I said above, Britney fans are extremely passionate and have been enjoying her music for decades now. Things like this happen with her team every era it seems and it gets aggravating as a fan because you know it could be better. That's all! Maybe it seems a bit entitled, but as I said we've been following her career for years, and buying all of her music and seeing her on tour, and so much more. Being an entertainer means everything is for the audience. The audience is THE most vital part of being an entertainer, because if you didn't have an audience, you don't have a job or a paycheck. So, it is important in the world of entertainment to keep your audience happy and coming back for more. So with that said, I hope none of you are entertainers. Oh, and if you think fans complaining and demanding things leads to nothing, just check out Hilary Duff's "fan demanded" version of her Sparks video.
  11. Actually Yes, I would, because I spent my money on that meal and that shirt and if it doesn't meet quality standards, I have every right to demand why. If that meal made me sick, the restaurant could be held responsible. The shirt would be a more superficial thing, but if I spent alot of money on it, any reasonable business practice would want you to inquire how it didn't meet your standards, so they can improve. You're right, I choose to be a Britney fan. But I've been listening to her now for over a decade, why would I stop because I'm unhappy with one video? I love Britney, I love her music, I love her as a person, I love her strength as person. That's why I'm a fan. I don't have to be 100% satisfied with everything she releases, there are plenty of things like this that have upset fans. Her career is far from perfect. Fans are obviously very dedicated, and it's upsetting to be following someone for so long and they're making choices that don't connect with the fans. That's just the way alot of fans feel.
  12. Like Mike above me said, Britney fans have been thrown under the bus since 1998. We've supported her through thick and thin. We've bought all her music, gone to see her shows, spent money on her merchandise, some fans have paid THOUSANDS to meet her (and to get a horrible experience and picture out of it, lbr.) The entertainment industry is a demanding business, and a HUGE part of it is being able to satisfy your audiences. We've never had REAL answers about things like; the "famos surprise", the perfume video being cut, Circus tour footage, and so on and so forth. I think in the entertainment industry, you ARE to some extent entitled to please your fans / audience. We're not asking to see every moment of her life, every day; we're just wondering about all of these things, why? What Happened!? I still don't think that's an unreasonable question for someone to ask. "It didn't work" isn't an answer. WHY didn't it work? That's just avoiding the question. Even just clarifying something like "we / or the director didn't like the direction and decided to go a different route / decided to part." That's a better answer, and we haven't heard anything like that. Over 16 thousand people want the original video. So I'm definitely far from alone. Let's just agree to disagree if you cannot understand our point of view. Maybe you're happy with the released video and rushed photoshoot, but I'm certainly not.
  13. We're the CONSUMERS. We're the ones who buy her music and pay outrageous amounts of money to see her in concert. We may not be "entitled" to an answer like you phrase it, but it certainly doesn't mean we deserve to be left in the dark. Asking questions is a perfectly okay and normal thing to do. "It just didn't work" isn't a satisfying answer to me, and as an interested CONSUMER, I can ask as many questions as I want. You're right to the extent that maybe contracts or other reasons prevent them from saying more. That's a different story. If there's no NDA, which perhaps there was, (but probably wasn't because people on set leaked footage), then it shouldn't hurt to explain what happened. "It didn't work" doesn't really explain the whole Lachepelle being booted thing. Why didn't they just cut certain scenes or create a slightly different concept while not throwing all of the footage away? To scrap the whole video is EXTREMELY unusual - especially considering that with Gimme More and Perfume for example, not all of the footage was scrapped, just some footage was scrapped to alter the concept. Fans can ask whatever they want, (of course as long as it's respectfully, of course) whether we get answers or not.
  14. So David Lachepelle came out of retirement for Britney? And they didn't want to go through with the video? Or did he not let them go through with it due to the difficulties on set? And another question is, did Lachepelle film the video first or was there a photoshoot before filming started that hasn't been released? There are just so many questions. And to those above, you're right, they don't technically HAVE to tell us details. But as the fans, as consumers of her music, WE want to know what happened and WHY. Because Britney was posting sneak peaks of the original video on her Instagram and then the video came out looking nothing like it... It's just unfair to the fans to leave them hanging when we REALLY wanted this original video AND the shoot with Lachepelle. So either Lachepelle pulled out, (maybe due to clashes with her team and with the video), or they decided to go a different direction and pulled out, which then made Lachepelle not want them to use the original photos (if there was one even.) I would've much rather had a David Lachepelle booklet than a Randee St. Nicholas booklet. The glory photos look too similar to the Femme Fatale shoot, imo.
  15. Electra Heart is so perfect... It's such a good analogy of Pop culture. The more I listen to it, the more it speaks to me. I wish I had payed more attention to her during that era. I can't wait for a new album from her, and I want to see her on tour someday