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  1. She's totally living and enjoying and appreciating life more and surrounding herself with good people, especially her family! I love this and it's my everyday oxygen
  2. I'm like "Queen, are you friggin' kidding? You ain't gotta prove shit to anybody, you look stunning, gurl!" I do love it how she's preaching tho
  3. Those so-called "fans" are truly brainless. B knows bettah.
  4. I love it because you would think he will reply when we all know he won't But yeah, you're right
  5. I hope this comes true tbh... This whole situation needs to be put an end asap!
  6. We need to stick together as the Britney Army, we are family! And I know that the love we share will get to Britney, because love always wins and comes first!
  7. I think the best thing we can do right now (if you believe in God, Buddha or whichever deity) is PRAY and hope for the best for Britney, her mom and Jamie Lynn tbh. Fuck Jamie tbh rn! I believe he's mental or whatever. I wonder if Larry or someone from the team paid his father so that he does all this crap to Britney... Idek what to think anymore...
  8. Agree. And we all know here that Wolfie is a true die-hard fan. I mean, please! #Justice4DLMBTLTK
  9. I totally love "Scream" by Michael and Janet. In fact, I've been listening a lot to Michael Jackson these days since this crappy ass Wade Robson case has appeared now, after years and years of that fucking trial they did to our King of Pop, which I don't believe, Michael was not a pedophile! And this bitch Wade has always denied MJ ever touched him, but now that he's apparently dead this dumbass takes the chance to go and make money out of him. I was so disappointed when I found out about all this crap..... On the other hand, yes. I believe Britney is sending a message to us about the whole situation throughout songs, and "Scream" has strong lyrics and beat. As I said, I love that song mostly because of its lyrics. A legend stanning legends
  10. Then that woman needs to be right up and hella outta there right away! Should be right then. Let's keep hoping for the best for our Queen and her family!!!
  11. Sorry, Idk who this bitch Lou is but evil never wins, that's for sure! Good and most importantly LOVE will ALWAYS PREVAIL. Britney truly deserves to be a free, happy, independent woman once and for all!!! I hope this all turns to good terms and if this physic has reached some true's, then I'm kinda buying this. YES YES! In Godney we trust, we are with you and we love you