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  1. It's "thinking". And Heather is right on this one. You are rude af, bitch. Calm your ass a little! And you don't seem adult a bit, you're childish as anybody else. I haven't seen anyone so brainless around here as much as you are.
  2. I mean... how can you get tired of two epic pop anthems, betch?
  3. Didn't like the first one, loved the last two ones tho
  4. Almost 20 years and you JUST noticed that?
  5. Reminds me so much of a remix version of Suzanne Vega's original version! This is A-mazing!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Totally beautiful and enjoying life. I'M SO HERE FOR THIS!!!
  7. She's totally living and enjoying and appreciating life more and surrounding herself with good people, especially her family! I love this and it's my everyday oxygen
  8. I'm like "Queen, are you friggin' kidding? You ain't gotta prove shit to anybody, you look stunning, gurl!" I do love it how she's preaching tho
  9. Those so-called "fans" are truly brainless. B knows bettah.
  10. I love it because you would think he will reply when we all know he won't But yeah, you're right
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