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  1. Well, you know, English is not his mother tongue
  2. I love Til it's Went, Tik Tik Tak, Brightest Mawning Star, No Woman No Cry, Chillin' Ya'll, Werk Biatch, Parfium, Passengah, and Hold On Tite from Britney Jean.
  3. Are we still on this?.................................................................................
  4. I only have ripped that megamix-ish they presented at that terrible premiere, and fanmade ones which not all of them are good tbh I haven't heard official mixes tho, sorry
  5. Thank God! Because I've heard she was like angry with her or something when the stuff with their father happened... I'm glad they're united! That's what siblings are for!!
  6. LMAO! SHE WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT!!! I lost all respect for her. She took down two videos from my YouTube channel. I mean... why would you record songs if you don't want them to be out there? She will always be a She has some nice songs tho, so shame on her.
  7. I am SO pissed off af rn!!! I can't even! That man deserves hell back and forth! He deserves the worst that one could imagine. I'm still praying for Britney and the boys. I hope Sam also takes good care of them as he's been showing us. More than ever, us B-Army need to stay strong and close, you guys! I truly hope for the best for our Queen...
  8. Kinda sounds like Britney but it might be someone else Also... wasn't "So Free" an "Original Doll" reject or am I confused with another title? This is all so mysterious tbh I like how they sound tho! "Exaholic" sounds more like Britney tho The other one sounds like a Myah Marie demo Or maybe they're both Myah tracks and we're just being fooled?
  9. It's "thinking". And Heather is right on this one. You are rude af, bitch. Calm your ass a little! And you don't seem adult a bit, you're childish as anybody else. I haven't seen anyone so brainless around here as much as you are.
  10. I mean... how can you get tired of two epic pop anthems, betch?
  11. Almost 20 years and you JUST noticed that?
  12. Reminds me so much of a remix version of Suzanne Vega's original version! This is A-mazing!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!
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