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  1. This was cute and she seems happy, the editing is also much better in this video, much better compared to the ones we’ve been getting lately.
  2. If he’s speaking to anyone then it’s a good catfish, it just doesn’t make sense that Britney would reach out and confide in someone she’s worked with only a handful of times a number of years ago. Plus, if the cship is as strict as it appears to be and she’s allegedly been punished and is scared of her dad, why would the person she’s confiding in tell the world about it, wouldn’t that person be afraid it would get her in trouble??? If she’s confiding in anyone, it’s her boyfriend, it’s Laura Lynne, Courtney or Jansen and they’d know to keep anything that could get her in trouble to themselves. Not some occasional make up person.
  3. I have now officially decided I’m done with the Instagram, by that I mean, I’m only believing court documents from now on, it’s the only way we know truth. Thanks to court documents we know she welcomes and appreciates fan support, we know she’s scared of her father and wants him gone. I’ll still look at the Instagram content cuz I do enjoy it but the only discussions I’m having about it going forward is superficial, she looks good, that was funny, that’s it, I’m done wasting energy on a topic that at the end of the day is an assumption, none of us can prove if it is her or isn’t her, it’s not worth the stress anymore.
  4. I’m sick of everything, only way we’re ever gonna know the truth is if she is set free and we see what changes and what doesn’t.
  5. Oh it’s all fake concern mixed in with some people who are just natural douchebags and the fact that the media has actually taken that “concern” and wrote stories about it and saying it’s from fans makes me livid. Who is actually coming up with her captions will always be a mystery but the comment section is one area where no one can deny that her people are hurting/sabotaging her, comments like that on TMZ is one thing but allowing that bullshit at her own front door is unacceptable!!
  6. It’s just all so stressful, all of it, like why can’t Jamie do the right thing and just step down, it’s the one thing we know for sure that Britney wants, I know it won’t be enough for all fans but it would be enough for me and if full dissolution comes after, even better. The Instagram wouldn’t bother me so much if they would just disable the fucking comments already, while I question the captions, the content is all Britney and there’s nothing wrong with the pics/videos but it breaks my heart to see all these people in the comments questioning her sanity or saying she’s on meth and other mean stuff.
  7. Idk, it just all comes back to that fraud conservatorship for me and the control that comes with it, it just makes it hard to believe anything. Can u honestly say that u 100%, with out a shadow of a doubt trust everything and anything that happens in her world?? You’ve never once questioned anything??
  8. I think that post is awfully convenient timing just an hour or so after the documents detailing the 2 million+ robbery by team CON came out. Why would Fe take part in something that would upset or embarrass Britney?? Why would Sam speak out right after the doc?? That doc supported Britney, why would that upset her?? You know who it didn’t shine a good light on, team CON. This post is just a distraction from team CON and it’s clearly working since media is focusing on this and not them robbing her blind. Plus why is it when Sam posts stuff with/of Britney, it’s always in a flattering light but hers not always?? Plus if she don’t like being pitied or seen as a victim, why would she write a post that just pities her and makes her seem like a victim?? Sorry, I just think her Instagram should not be taken as gospel when we know for a fact that people who benefit from the CON are also in control of it. Plus that doc came out like 2 moths ago, talk of it was dying down, why comment on it now???? DISTRACTION!! You can believe it was her if u want but I ain’t buying it, how about a video of her saying this out of her own mouth and that’s it, no caption, just video of her speaking, then I’d be more inclined to buy it.
  9. It’s crazy how much those boys have grown since the last time we saw them on her gram (from when they were on there regularly).
  10. She is straight up one of the most beautiful women in the world, she really got lucky getting all of Lynne’s genes, I’m scared to picture what she’d look like with all of Jamie’s, lol
  11. I def. think the boys were used as leverage when they were younger, most definitely and it’s disgusting but I would think it be hard to do that these days with the boys being teens now, those boys are old enough now too recognize this shady shit.
  12. I def think she’s had to endure a lot of manipulation through this thing but I feel like, if she wasn’t working, what else would she have to do with her time, it’s not like she can come and go as she pleases??? But I would say she did lack passion in many things and honestly who can blame her. I think the reason she finally put her foot down was a whole bunch of things and working was not at the top of the list, I think Jamie attacking Preston and her losing time with them as a result, IMO, that’s what gave her the push she needed to finally fight. She seemed to have the most passion for Glory and correct me if I’m wrong but I think during that period Brian was with her more and not Jamie.
  13. I think her sense of humor and bubbly personality, would make her a good host, not right now tho, first she’d need to get free from the cship and find her voice again, she’s been stifled for 13 years. I wouldn’t want her taking on a task like that until she’s 1000% comfortable and confident in doing it.
  14. Honestly, I haven’t watched SNL since the early 2000’s, lol, so I have no clue who that girl is and I don’t have her other Britney impersonations to compare to but I thought she was pretty spot on, even if a little exaggerated, it doesn’t come off as insulting and that’s what matters. Im getting so sick of the fans who are just seeing negativity in everything now, while Brits situation is corrupt and sad, it doesn’t mean everything has to be seen as bad because of it, it is possible to fight the CON but still enjoy stuff at the same time.
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