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Gimme More

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    You wanna live fancy.... So get to Work Bitch.
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    Cheerleading, Ballet, Dance, Horses, Music, My Friends

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  1. Honestly, they have all been really nice to me so far. I guess I haven't fucked up yet.
  2. It does sound awesome.
  3. Happy Birthday. You have a great birthday. It is the same as mine.
  4. I really hope she can put the whole Dr. Luke stuff behind her and really be happy with the music she is making. I think with this it shows that it is going in the right direction.
  5. I have watched some of them as well as ones with Xtina and Ryan Gosling. Britney is awesome.
  6. Thanks, Yep, I'm having a blast.
  7. Thank You so much. I am going to have a blast with all my cheer friends.
  8. Britney is such an awesome dancer and I believe she could dance circles around just about any other musician out there.