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  1. What's going on guys? Anything new? Oh right, nothing. lol


  3. Do you trade this pics, or do you sell them? I'd love to know, since I have a website and I need new stuff lmao
  4. Gurl... Britney's face is almost unrecognizable in her new interview. lmao

  5. Hey gurl! I know you from Madonna Infinity, am I right?

    1. Rebel Hugo

      Rebel Hugo

      yes honey!!!, Hellooooo :D

    2. JonasSlave


      Hi, lets talk hahaha

    3. Rebel Hugo

      Rebel Hugo

      well, how are you? xD

  6. Feeling sad & alone. This isn't the best place to take it off my chest, but whatever.

  7. So quiet around here! Just want to let you guys know that I'm remastering Unusual You Demo! BEST SONG ON CIRCUS

  8. Lol just got some dislikes on my Blackout remasters. Sad.

    1. Bretyna Speransky

      Bretyna Speransky

      on youtube? It was probably E. He is that bitch.

  9. Love this new forum update! The forum is becoming more and more polished! 

  10. Hey, nice to meet you!

    Are you Portuguese?

    I'm looking for someone who also speaks PT :soofunny:

    1. Fabio Oliveira

      Fabio Oliveira

      olá, sim sou português.

    2. JonasSlave


      Prazer! É díficil encontrar alguém pt por estas bandas!

      Pode parecer estranho, mas também notei que fazes parte do Rebellion. Estou certo?

    3. Fabio Oliveira

      Fabio Oliveira

      sim também vou la ver as novidades

  11. Hi there, everyone! 


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