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  1. I should know you would behave like this. I feel so sorry for you, honestly.
  2. Can you stop bashing Britney? This isn't Exhale, which looks the perfect place for you to be. Grow up.
  3. I love this but I'm super disappointed with you. I didn't even attack you.
  4. Mike, edurance meant the echo in the vocals. Sounds ''heavenly'' and unnatural. Btw, it's impossible to remove Myah lol. She's on the lead vocals and I can still hear her.
  5. Lucky you! Wish I had money to search for these aswell
  6. tea spill: this is an underrated bop
  7. You're the best friend I could ask for!
  8. But I told you I was taking some time off. But now I'm back. The day I turned on my phone I saw you blocked me for the wrong reason. I can't lose you. Please forgive me.
  9. I lost a friend but at least I have new songs to listen to! Haha
  10. When a certain someone pretends to be mad at you when he has no reason and keeps ignoring you lol. Well, at least I have your amazing album to confort me. ❤️
  12. No, I didn't call your threads spam. Lol. If you actually read my messages on WhatApp, you would know I was refering to BSMedia sharing his stuff here in multiple threads. And I don't want to forget you, cuz you're my friend. I told you I was offline cuz I have personal stuff to deal with.