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  1. Thanks I appreciate it so much and I'm sure others will too
  2. She's talented sis. Sorry, but don't know why you say she's shit when she's clearly talented and loves Britney.
  3. @BritneySpearsVEVO Why aren't you asking for his nudes? Did he already sent them to you?
  4. Two of Glory's most underrated songs
  5. I should know you would behave like this. I feel so sorry for you, honestly.
  6. Can you stop bashing Britney? This isn't Exhale, which looks the perfect place for you to be. Grow up.
  7. I love this but I'm super disappointed with you. I didn't even attack you.
  8. Mike, edurance meant the echo in the vocals. Sounds ''heavenly'' and unnatural. Btw, it's impossible to remove Myah lol. She's on the lead vocals and I can still hear her.
  9. Lucky you! Wish I had money to search for these aswell
  10. You're the best friend I could ask for!
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