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  1. No, I didn't call your threads spam. Lol. If you actually read my messages on WhatApp, you would know I was refering to BSMedia sharing his stuff here in multiple threads. And I don't want to forget you, cuz you're my friend. I told you I was offline cuz I have personal stuff to deal with.
  2. @☆☆☆MikeCZ☆☆☆ Control yourself Mike. I don't know why you called me fake ass bitch, when I'm simply off-line from social media. I thought you were my friend, but I was wrong. Can't send messages so I'll say it right here.
  3. What's going on guys? Anything new? Oh right, nothing. lol

  4. Gosh, so much drama over a fucking link (that's on Google!!!) Came to see if anyone was experiencing an 404 error lmao That website probably was found by some RCA employee. Links: https://dtcdstore57.wixsite.com/britneyfmstore https://www.facebook.com/groups/761248127371444/
  5. You're so true. Btw, where's Mike asking for your nudes? lmao
  6. Miranda Sings meets Britney Spears lmao I LOVE HER!
  7. WTF, your comments make no sense. You should know this sketch before calling Jimmy ''Sia''. And it isn't cringeworthy, learn English INSTEAD
  8. File in 1080p, including English and Portuguese subtitles! Enjoy! DOWNLOAD Size: 80MB Server: DropBox Format: MKV Still looking for a HDTV rip.
  9. I think they only choose people from the VIP group...
  10. Here it is! I've translate it to Portuguese, but I think you can translate it automatically with Chrome or using Translator http://thebritneyonyx.blogspot.com/2018/07/confira-relato-de-fa-que-assistiu-o.html
  11. It's perfect! I'll joint your texts into one and I'll translate it. Thank you so much
  12. Can you tell me a little bit more? I'd love to post your experience on my website! B-Armys love to read these!