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Jonαs ℓαmbert

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  1. How ironic, talking about someone who can sing... Have you realize who you're a fan to? Carly is amazing, great compositions and lyrics and I love her 80s style. RH is actually bad, I only like Ghosttown, but even that song is boring.
  2. Sorry to ask, but you know what kind of stuff they have? OMG... I didn't know that... I loved that site so much... Back in 2016, when I started to make my digital collection, they had amazing things to DL....
  3. LMAO I've warned ya, but as usual you didn't listen to me. I told you in WhatsApp that it wasn't his real avi, but that shouldn't stop from trading with this guy
  4. Same. I HATE TRADING, why people don't just leak the full things instead of keeping them to themselves lmao
  5. Long story short, SoundCloud rips are a good way to listening to these tapes, but the WAVs are an alternative. The end. I'm getting sick of this drama guys, I always want B-Armys to stay positive and I always encourage partnership in FB pages, but now all seems so competitive. I knew the original Russian forum where the soundboard leaked and I didn't even claim it was an exclusive, because it wasn't. Some sound engineer share them innocently and then we sees his files shared all over internet. What I mean is all of sites nowadays are about views and fame. Not about BRITNEY.
  6. CD comes out in just a few days and it has only 5 tracks, from the Wango Tango show.

  8. Same sis! Lmao Britney is like the American Gretchen... For those who don't know, Gretchen is a Brazilian celeb who became a gif queen
  9. The thing is everyone thought BO was going to wait till the owner gave them the original rips and post lossless files. I can also claim that Mike has a new leak and pretend we did it in collaboration lmao
  10. It's okay!! I didn't watched the show bc I'm from Portugal lmao and I don't remember seeing it on TV, only the cartoon. But I saw some vids and it's lit
  11. But haven't you posted Soundcloud rips rather than the owner's rips? Sorry for the question...