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  1. @JoshLee I love your album! I'm a Fan! I remember some months ago listening to its and enjoying it hahahah Amazing!
  2. @☆☆☆CélineDijon☆☆☆ The song's called Wonder Woman Btw, @JoshLee you made an album, didn't you? I remember seeing someone promoting their own album
  3. @☆☆☆CélineDijon☆☆☆ Yeah! She signed up with Atlantic Records just for being able to put out her own ideas, for creative freedom. But this year, if I'm not mistaken, she have changed again, signing up with Interscope. She released a new song, from an upcoming album.
  4. I agree with you @JoshLee ! I'm a fan of her since my childhood, (since Leave (Get Out)!) and her comeback was a surprise. I've been listening to her mixtapes for years... Thank god for coming back JoJo
  5. @Farrah Moan Thank you so much, I really didn't know where I could ask!
  6. Hello everyone! So, I have a request to make, I don't know where else to do it, and since I know that there are several people here with exclusive materials here, and with HD videos, I would ask, if possible, if anyone has the Blond Ambition Tour Madonna, in Yokohama, in the highest quality possible. The quality I have seen on the internet is not very good, I prefer a rip of the laserdisc. Also, the videos of the tour that are on YT are being blocked by Warner. PS: I have the Girlie Show concert in Fukuoka in DVD (It's sort of rare, since it's only been released on Audio), If anyone wants it, I can help too.
  7. Hi there, everyone!