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  1. I don't think it's the ones who flop, but the ones who have a legacy and iconic eras. Gwen brought Harajuku culture from Japan to USA, and invented what would be the future Lady Gaga style in Sweet Escape era.
  2. Shania probably has even more than 40kk million.
  3. Keep in mind that: SPS stands for Sales Plus Streaming. TEA is Track Equivalent Albums. SEA is Streaming equivalent albums. (Still in update, for now we only have the numbers for Baby till Blackout.) Via @spearsblur on Instagram) Baby One More Time (1999) Oops I Did it Again (2000) Britney (2001) In the Zone (2003) Blackout : The Bible of Pop (2007)
  4. Honestly I prefer to see this as a Vinyl cover, it would look amazing
  5. I think it is: TEA : Track Equivalent Albums SEA : streaming equivalent albums
  6. Just waiting for someone make a fan made album out of this outtake
  7. I also rip some of them to PC. I use Spotify to listen to the albums when they're released. Then I can thought If I'll buy it
  8. Also, you should think about the ones who are really poor and can't afford Spotify's subscription (not my case thank god)
  9. Thank god you're not. Yeah, that's why I BUY THE PHYSICAL COPY AND SOMETIMES THE VINYL
  10. You're mistaken. The hacked version reproduces and DL in Extreme quality soooo...
  11. Not convinced. Why using Tidal when you can use an hacked Spotify?