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  1. She made me lmao and I'm here for it It's like Primeney went through some terrible stuff but now she's back and she's quite happy talking about it
  2. I've been a fan since 1998 and owned every album from ITZ onwards. Today I heard Soda Pop for the first time and her vocals blew me away NGL. I hope Beltney comes back soon. I miss her vocals.
  3. Thanks! It actually looks better than I expected! Appreciate it!
  4. You're talented for sure but maybe something less scary next time. Could you put Currentney's face onto Circusney dancing please? I want to see sharp moves like it's 2008
  5. That's super creepy sorry not sorry
  6. I half expecting this to have been deleted by Britney by now, but just checked and it's still there! Whilst I'm usually a lover of shade and drama, I respectfully disagree with Britney doing this. It's below her. It's never a good look having 2 successful female singers going at one another especially as they're not teenagers anymore. Also Christina did slam the c-ship a few months back I believe so it's not as if she's been silent the whole time. Just during the red carpet event. It might be a wild theory but maybe she would've gotten choked up talking about it? I don't know. Britney is human. She has flaws. She has impulse control issues just like most of us do. I think it was a mistake for her to drag Christina in this instance, but lots of people make mistakes. And I have a feeling Christina and Britney will make up and Britney may even post an apology in a few days. She's going through a lot right now and it's understandable. Also- that long awaited Gaga collab is basically confirmed now...
  7. And obviously it's totally up to her because she's performed a lot already under duress and may just be over it now, but... If she ever performs again I'd love to see her perform My Prerogative for the first time. It's such a classic and it says so much about where she is in her life right now. 2021 is the new 2004
  8. Too good to be true! Back in 2019 I never thought this day would come. She was a prisoner physically mentally emotionally and financially! I pray she keeps her amazing newish lawyer as he deserves so much praise. He took on Lou and Team con's lies head on and didn't back down. Britney also deserves so much praise for her words in Summer. Such bravery despite the threats and dangers. Also well done to fans and even celebs for keeping pressure up. Even SOME media outlets were supportive. I'll never forgive TMZ or others for their support of Team Con though. Shows that they have no morals. Don't get me wrong I think a lot things went right for this to happen: The exposure from that leaked audio, Brit's boys being too old to block her from seeing them, Jamie's terrible history of alcoholism and violence, Brit's ability to finally have a lawyer of her choosing. 13 years lost, but hopefully Britney will make up for it now. I just hope she can be happy
  9. LOVE IT! Still in disbelief that it'll happen, but if it does it's great news for Britney and us. I hope she does whatever makes her happy afterwards. I do hope she becomes some kind of advocate for others who aren't in her position but suffering from c-ships. I'm not asking her to wear a suit 24/7 and become a justice seeker etc etc but it'd be great if she spoke up on these issues. Sounds like she did lots of research. DREAM: Britney is freed. Britney releases her new single "Freedom" and announces a world tour called "Freedom on Tour" as a thank you to the fans Reality: Britney's freedom is delayed.
  10. Sam is slowly winning me over after 5 years. I don't think Jason or David would've been as supportive in removing Jamie etc etc... although I think Charlie E would've been supportive as he didn't need Jamie's money (stolen from Britney of course.)
  11. Good for her getting her opinions and views across after so long being silenced Feels like a return to 2007ney but obviously in a much better place.
  12. I just think it's odd that she was so worried about what her sons would think a few years back, but now she's posting these. Wasn't Work Bitch cut for being too raunchy? I guess this is more artsy and WB was more raunchy? I don't know. I'd personally rather hear her voice singing than see her body, but if this is what makes her feel free and happy then so be it.
  13. Brit's hair is giving me Circusney vibes but with a twist. Obvs this is many years after that, but you know still counts.
  14. About time too! I think many of us feel Judge Penny has dragged her heels the whole way, but I'm no lawyer or expert so maybe she had to do it like this. Anyway, good news for Britney and hopefully the start of a brighter chapter in her life. And ours
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