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  1. You know what that means!! Promo week for Glory and hopefully a VMA performance!!! http://www.ticketmaster.com/Britney-Spears-tickets/artist/723427?tm_link=tm_homeA_artist1
  2. Hell yes!! What an amazing vocals and production!!!
  3. I havent heard it, is it still out there??
  4. I made a post of it for both video's !! Love them!
  5. No I havent .... They never named the song title in those interviews.......
  6. Or they could be trolling us and the "private show" they got maked them ohh!
  7. What if Private Show is the name of the first single? Back at the beginning of Blackout we were certain the first single was called Get Back, even when the pictures came out of Britney shooting the video! Britney or her team never officially confirmed the song title ! Maybe she is going to announce it tomorrow with the new perfume an hopefully with a promo video with a snippet of the song!
  8. Thanks for the exclusive! Wasn't slumber party already rumoured to be on B9? Anyways I'm starting to think we be getting a surprise album release with all these exclusive of BG and BH.... We never had this much titles before even an announcement of a new album!
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