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  1. I love it but I think I prefer the one from SNL, you can feel the pain and the sadness of the song ...
  2. She looks beautiful, it reminds me of this shoot from Elle
  3. Someone should make a trailer with the toxic remix from POM
  4. these episodes are perfect :turkey: , when is the next one going to be released?
  5. I remember seen this commercial for the first time and being extremely happy, everything was so exciting at the time..... How did you guys feel? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3BvRlD7GiI
  6. That performance was amazing but I think the star academy performance is more underrated, she looked beautiful and just like dwadney
  7. question: Is the dancer from the right and the actor from crossroads the same person?
  8. Question, is the dancer from the right the actor that tried to kiss her in the club in Crossroads?
  9. I love all the segments, but somebody should put all the instagram videos into one pleasee...
  10. I think Gimme more and HIAM are her edgiest .... GM was dark, sensual and just different from anything she had released till that point. HIAM was different from anything that was released at that time and I think it was a risky single, plus dubstep was not that known on mainstream radio
  11. Thank you guys, I really appreciate your comments. She really did an amazing job and I'm in love with it
  12. This is my new Britney Canvas wall art that my sister in law made for me. I'm extremely happy with the results, What do you guys think?
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