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  1. Wish she put clumsy into the show in vegas! But why didn't anyone burn/hide these same tired "outfits"? I was so hopeful for better for the tour!
  2. It's the same machine! Did MGM buy them on clearance from CET? Britney made me broke at Caesars a year ago and PH in the summer. I did decent with her at the Linq.
  3. Thinking of going to POM on nye or 12/30 , and prices are skyrocketing. I just booked a hotel (as I told myself I didnt need to go to vegas again), so I didnt plan ahead, so Im looking at resale too. Any one know if any resale besides stub hub is trustworthy for tickets in vegas? Thanks!
  4. I fail at posting, but she was on when i saw her on 9/3 and Id love a blu ray!
  5. I will share the whole story later! Every one has been nice here and one of the reasons I did meet and greet!
  6. The close up with her head cut off in an earlier post is mine! I have tons more that I'll post later in the week as I have limited data/memory/battery! She definitely brought it. I also did meet and greet and she was so nice! Fe gave us a little bit different tour as well!
  7. SHE IS NOT WEARING A CHOKER FOR M&G. and I love this shirt. If and when I cave for VIP, I hope she wears something like this!
  8. Is it bad that I like this better than TS by herself? I don't like the talking without music. And Brit fills the gaps nicely!
  9. great videos! I wonder if the left side is better to stand on...i see so many right side videos
  10. I'm just nervous that it is so much money. BSB is fast enough and that is a lot cheaper. I think meeting Celine Dion for free in April doesn't help. She took the most time and she should've already on been on stage
  11. So yes, I want to meet Britney. But I've never spend that much to meet anyone. Even adding up all the meet and greets I've done with celebrities (which I've met a bunch), I think I'm only at 2000. So obviously meeting Brit is the best part, but how is the rest of the package?
  12. How was the meet & greet? and the show as well?
  13. yes that thing!!! I blocked it out of my head. It also kills me.
  14. the leotards mostly annoy me because you can see the waistband of the tights. It takes away from the look-like the white one that MakeMySugarFall posted. Wear nude tights or wear leotards that cover it. I would like some variety with other looks too!
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