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  1. lol Team B is so desperate to make her look bad. She wrote about this in her own book over 10 years ago. I guess at least they tried.
  2. Jamie Spears is so transparent. It says a lot that he's not going after TMZ, Perez or other tabloid sources that publish lies on the daily. Could it be because they are on his payroll? Notice their stories always claim Jamie is a hero who swooped in and saved Britney from certain death. Just for clarity, since they love to hail Jamie as some kind of super dad:
  3. Distraction. She doesn't even have blonde hair right now.
  4. His wife posted on IG that he actually died of multiple pulmonary embolisms, not an aneurysm.
  5. Some of her videos do have the camcam logo in the bottom right hand corner.
  6. Queen Brenda Penny is here to snatch ALL the weaves omg. Team B is toast.
  7. It was cute he tried. Nobody is falling for it anymore tho. Team B is done.
  8. I wonder if the third to speak up might be Lindsay. She went through a similar experience with Lou trying to place a conservatorship on her, and there are receipts. It would be very damning. A lot can happen between now and September, but I'm glad it looks like the stars are aligning for Britney.
  9. At first he says they are 3 industry women, and guesses that they are pop stars (or people who have been through similar circumstances.) Miley and Courtney Love definitely fit in with that, and they have both made a lot of noise about #freebritney recently. I wouldn't be surprised if another one comes forward between now and September. Both Miley and Courtney have been involved with the same players like Sam, Adam Leber, Larry, etc. I'm guessing the third will be someone involved with them, as well - esp. Lou since she seems to be the catalyst. What did Demi do?
  10. I hope the part about Lou Taylor's world collapsing is true.
  11. No flaws detected. i just ordered BOMT, Oops & Britney
  12. I hope this is true, and that she is taking a stand for herself. The scary thing is that we know for a fact that Lou Taylor was the one pushing the cship, and she did it to many others as well, but Britney was the only one she was able to tie down because she had kids. If it all really does go this deep, it's not that far off to think that when she was committed, it may have been choreographed either by Lou Taylor or someone involved. The reports are that Kevin showed up early to pick up the kids and she refused to let them leave, locking herself in the bathroom with them. The court needs a good reason to put someone under a conservatorship, and It would be very simple to tell her "Kevin is picking up the boys tomorrow" and then send Kevin over earlier than expected. Who knows. I'm just glad there is a new judge on the case who specializes in conservatorships, and that she has ordered the 730 evaluation so that if she does remain under cship, we'll at least know there is a current, valid reason for it.
  13. If i remember correctly, it's because I posted a picture of some girl who looked like Britney on the beach with a guy, and I said that she was dating someone new. Low level trolling, but nothing serious. That place is a wreck anyway.
  14. Breatheheavy is now a pay site. Jordan Miller can get lost with that
  15. The article sounds interesting, but I'm banned from Extinct so can someone copy/paste? Thanks
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