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  1. You don't have to take a political stance over every aspect of your life
  2. A Christmas album doesn't need to be a hit, sweetie
  3. and it's made with plastic beads. it looks like a toy
  4. She needs to release a Christmas album tbh. There wouldn't be much pressure for it to have big sales bc it's just a holiday album.
  5. Some people still swear that Rebellion is a haunted song
  6. omg that article is so long I think at this point, Britney has what she wants and isn't being exploited by the conservatorship. Honestly, it's probably the best business deal she could have... basically living her life while someone else completely handles the money and business side. She has her residency which is the closest to a "real job" that she'll ever get I think, and it seems like it all works out for everybody. Also, it might sound like a lot of money, but $426,000 for managing Britney Spears entire finances and business deals is dirt cheap for as much money as he brings in for the Britney brand with those deals.
  7. I thought she was working on a new album a long time ago. What happened? This place is f'kin deserted tbh
  8. I mean... it's basically a re-branded Piece of Me show.... not sure what they expect, especially after that boring ass announcement.
  9. Britney Jean - recorded while putting the show together Glory - recorded four years into her residency That was my my point... She's going to be focused on putting the show together. If she makes an album now it's going to be low priority like BJ was because she's focused on choreo and her team is busy with the logistics. That being said, she needs new music. I love Britney but even I'm tired of BOMT, Work Bitch and TTWE. A greatest hits show sounds like a snooze.
  10. Like.. cool title and promo image, but unless there's a new album, the remixes are gonna get stale. I only pray an album has already been recorded because the last time she did an album while she was busy putting a Vegas show together, we got Britney Jean.
  11. That's not Britney. gtfo with that Myah Marie pitched bs. Gotta love whenever a "snippet" leaks, it's super LQ and always has some girl moaning like Britney. Never lyrics.
  12. omg lmao I kept going through the video looking for the part with her talking. She didn't say ANYTHING! what a damn mess