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  1. She improved a long time ago and I thought the dancing complaints were over. Some things never change
  2. I really can't at the fans here who fight so hard to say Britney sang all of BJ. It's been proven that most of the lead vocal tracks were sung by Myah, and if they can't recognize the difference between Britney's real voice and Myah's "Britney impression" they're flop fucking fans who probably bop to Bridie Heaton demos.
  3. Sis... it's pretty clear she didn't sing a lot of the BJ album lol. They used Myah because they rushed BJ out the door while Britney was busy putting POM together. In IABJ Adam even says "we're trying to get this show put together... and we also have the album to finish." It's obvious where their priority was, and BJ was just a promo album for the POM shows. It actually does add up why they would use her backup singer's vocals, and just listen to the songs. If you know her voice, it's clear as day when it's Myah.
  4. Larry picks his favorite twink out of the VIPs
  5. No offense to Britney but her interviews are as basic and boring as it gets. This interview could literally be from any era of the past 10 years. I think her team just copy/pastes responses at this point.
  6. lmfao someone actually got arrested selling FF stems? If you're gonna do it, at least get arrested for selling stems from one of her good albums.
  7. You're talking about audio sourced from a duped analog cassette. A lossless capture is not *that* important when the source is so noisy to begin with. You can also capture a VHS tape in 8k lossless, doesn't mean it's any better than a lower resolution capture. The first rule of restoration is "garbage in = garbage out."