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  1. Thanks! I get what you mean, but there's really no way to do this kind of mix without her voice sounding altered. Like, if I had just changed a couple notes here and there, that would be one thing and that could still sound totally natural. When Britney's voice is edited in postproduction, it's one thing to fix a few bum notes, but it's another to dramatically change everything. The thing is, Britney never sang the song like this, at all. Some of the timing is even different and had to be spliced up to work. I think the altered voice works for this mix anyways; it's supposed to be spacey.
  2. They were so much fun to play! They definitely played a big part in making me want to remix stuff myself.
  3. I tried using it on a windows 95/98 virtual PC and while the beatnik plug-in installed properly, the wayback archive simply doesn't have the emix files saved, likely because the website recognized the wayback archival software as not having the plug-in. One emix was still online a few years ago (not Britney), but it's been taken down since.
  4. Got you covered. http://traceadam.brushd.com/
  5. Mood Ring was the winner of the FB poll a few weeks back!
  6. It can now be downloaded here for a limited time.
  7. And the club mix: This one's 5bpm faster.
  8. YouTube pitched version: Original version: https://vid.me/tPkQ This gives it a dark, club vibe. Enjoy!
  9. Thanks! Not everyone is going to like every mix, and that's cool! I still appreciate all constructive comments. Some people like my Make Me remix, and some don't, and some like this remix and some don't. Thanks to everyone who listened! I'm working on an extended version for the clubs right now.
  10. I like it! But it doesn't look like a 90's christian album. It looks tropical. THIS looks likes a 90s christian album:
  11. Extended club mix coming soon! (idk why the youtube player is so huge)
  12. When the Britney Jean cover was first revealed, it was actually the deluxe cover. And then they changed it DRAMATICALLY from this... .... to this! and what a change that was!
  13. Aaand here's the new mix!
  14. Aww, I'm sorry it's causing you issues! I appreciate your interest in the mixes! Unfortunately LegitMix is one of the very few ways for remixers to sell these kinds of tracks legally. There's a new Make Me mix I've been working on that should be up there in a few days though. It's called Make Me (Trace Adam Extended Piano Vocal) I hope they make it easier to purchase these in the near future!
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