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  1. No she legit asked someone to take down a video cause that was the thumbnail so it was on Google images... and Google picked that as the most relevant picture for her...
  2. Didn't she ask you or someone else to take it down so Google would pic a better picture? 😂😂
  3. Idc that the official lyrics say after listening to the dry stems it's definitely what she says. "You say Im crazy, I got your crazy" An Icon.
  4. Okay so like I know it's not Britney but does anyone possibly have the instrumental to She's not me by Madonna at all?
  5. Ugh I wish new b10 songs would leak But I'd love the stems of just luv me would leak That song is everything!
  6. Tbh I've noticed just in the past few weeks it's improved a lot hun
  7. Like the "not alone"s are a bit dodgy but when that's all you can find it's decent. Im just glad I can listen to the song now and be like and not go whenever I hear "TAKE ME HOOOOOOOOOME" or when that chorus hits
  8. Here's a link to the video of the myah free Alien mix a guy did. He put in a lot of effort into this and I think he deserves more attention for it. He even put a link to a thread he wrote explaining how he made it and where he got the Britney and Myah recording snippets from. There's a download link he blessed us with to them in the thread too.
  9. Can we make this happen if we all hunt for them. I remember they leaked before the album was released but then copy right enforcers did their thing and now they're lost amongst the traders... But I remember that the people who managed to get them said that most of the vocal stems were named things like "myah.vox" Idk Britney Jean could of been so much more if it wasn't for will.i.am being executive producer and most of the songs vocal production done by Anthony Preston... Literally the only songs where the lead is 100% Britney are the ones not edited by him (Perfume and dont cry). The songs on Britney Jean are okay but they could of been so much more with Britney's soulful voice. I still can't think why Anthony did what he did. Britney has a good voice and she's got good vocals on perfume and Don't cry. They're definitely vocals of a singer. So what the fuck happened to the other songs? I doubt that all the songs Anthony edited just happened to all be songs Britney's vocals flopped on... Someone managed to make a myah free version of Alien from leaked Britney recordings and Britney's voice is more than passable and sounds great. It was made clear that the album was rushed due to the preparations of the vegas residency but If her vocals were bad which i highly doubt why couldn't they just set up a little blue yeti mic in an office or have her sing over the phone? The only theory I can come up with that makes the most sense (even tho this and my other theories make no sense either but then again this album is so fucking strange in its own way) Maybe they wanted Britney to sing more "Britney" with her fake voice but she just couldn't do it anymore at the time. She clearly had depression or it was the medication that she was adjusting to. We know the "deep femme fatale" speaking voice she had for a while. And that could mean her singing was deeper too. And that it was harder to get a baby voice. That would explain the Myah thing. Maybe (and im not bashing no one saying this) Maybe Myah and Anthony went rogue and tried to hijack the album and just no one noticed... The other theory is that Anthony legitimately fucked up and mixed Brit's vocals with Myah's. But then that doesn't make sense because of the stem names and the fact Britney doesn't sing backing. Idk Britney Jean with 100% britney lead vocals would have been a much better album. Britney Jean has a lot of great songs I like that had a lot of potential even if Britney didn't like them. Britney can turn shit into gold with her voice. I think Britney Jean should be seen as a woman dealing with issues in her life mentally but she still powered through and served the best she could when she wanted to quit. And now she's coming back. I should have mentioned that even tho this album is flawed in many ways. I still love it and It should have more appreciation. I have such a personal connection with Alien and Hold Tight they're amazing.
  10. I really hope she does change labels (if her handlers and her father let her...) maybe FINALLY after over 15 years she can actually have control over her career, sing in her natural voice and do what she fucking wants! Britney is treated like shit by RCA and Jive when they'd be nothing without her. She's the queen of pop and she needs to be fucking treated like it.
  11. Can you please do that for me please
  12. It sounds as clear as glass. How did you even make/find this??
  13. *Puts hand in the air* I think I was confused by the assignment...
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