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  1. As I said in the OP, it's not something new, but in other threads about BJ most people talk about her vocals, or the lack of them. I just point out, once again that she is still able to sing very well, it's just her producer's idea (maybe) to put more backing vocals to support her. Nothing else.
  2. It's not anything new, however everyone keeps talking about how BJ is Myah's album and it's almost no Britney. Have you heard this version of Passenger? Brits vocals are not te ones used in the song, but she sings it beautfiully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pob4p9wmAT0 Check @1:24, not in the actual song, but it's amazing.
  3. The young Brit Brit of Bulgaria She is only 16. And the "old" one. She is 33.
  4. Yes, Iggy obviously saw that Britney is down-to-earth-kinda-girl and took advantage of that. Because she knows that Britney wouldn't say anything harsh. If someone was openly discussing my work and what I do, no matter whether he/she is right or not, there would be a huge backlash. It's so unprofessional and out of place.
  5. Am I the only one here who didn't think about the shade as much as the fact that she said "for the rest of the year". If the show was extended, wouldn't it be more appropriate to say "for the next year and a half" or something like that.
  6. In terms of throwing shade, yes you are. It was your idea to keep this place positive.
  7. Y'all may disagree with me but I think she is sexier than ever. I prefer 2015ney over 2004ney. (or any-other-year-ney) because she looks mature, grown-up woman, with great looks, great personality, the whole package. Before that she was naive dolled up young girl.
  8. First single mid-March, album - early summer! Mark my words
  9. Actually Mariah said "Of course" to the guy she was talking to, not the the paps' question about Britney
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pob4p9wmAT0 1:26
  11. We all see Britney cutting off choreo, in my opinion she looked bored during the last leg. I think she should change the entire show, so she could keep it fresh for her and the fans. What do you think?
  12. February was legit Britney in her prime!
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