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  1. they don't film every show. when they do, there are cameras at the theater and we get pics of them. the recorded shows are 11/1/14, 5/15/15 and 2/19/16 plus the dress rehearsal (12/26/13).
  2. They actually put Slumber Party on vimeo because of copyright, so the show was a little longer, yes.
  3. I don't have a complete setlist, but I'd love the show to end with an encore of Toxic (the current performance, but with the BBMA choreo on the second chorus and 2004 choreo on the last chorus) or POM (full song, POM 1.0 choreo on one of the choruses and the breakdown ofc.) And also, the idea of a rock section is very attractive to me, with Gimme More, ILRNR and Stronger.
  4. Released Best: Toxic, Break the Ice, Womanizer and maybe Make Me. Worst: most of BJ and all the Circus bonus except for Quicksand. Unreleased Best: Burning Up, Sugarfall, Strangest Love, Everyday, Love 2 Love U. Worst: This Kiss, Abroad.
  5. She looks so good in here
  6. Thank you so much! Thanks! I just hope she doesn't change anything else now. She can still look gorgeous.
  7. Thanks! I agree with you, but I believe what she did to her lips is more than injections, at least after 2015. It looks like a surgery. I really hope it's reversible cuz her smile is what shapes her entire face!
  8. Hey guys, I'm new here I don't really know if that's the right section to promote my Britney photoshops, but here we go! ] Original: Changes: - I "fixed" her smile - Enhanced makeup - Erased some face lines - Hair color. Let me know if u like it, thanx!
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