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  1. Beyoncé is the biggest copycat in the music industry, we all know that. But not this time.
  2. @ILearnedFromTheBest2 Still one of her best music videos, that britXbrit war is so iconic, the song is good. At least the music video isn't bad as make me.
  3. I don't have it because I went to buy the physical CD in a store here in my city and it was sold out
  4. Actually her iconic performances aren't for singing Live And I don't care about her playback, I just wish she could dance like she used to. I think that she can't sing Live And dance at the same time (with that Baby voice), or that her live singing isn't good, idk... But the truth is that people (non-fans) don't have the same interest in Britney that they had 5 years ago. She doesn't even sing the ballads live, so...
  5. I don't think so.. hiam is one of her best music videos
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