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  1. I do agree! My prerogative and Circus looks are amazing and classy
  2. 1) Blondeney 2) Justin 3) Nikki 4) BOMT 5) Southern 6) My prerogative 7) zoe 8) vma's 9) s&m 10)everytime 11) red catsuit 12) original doll 13) MMM don't like the both... I would say Will&Grace but it is not there, so How I Met 14) Christina 15) very close, but I will go with Blackout 16) Toxic 17) Both great, but maybe Max Martin gave us the classic Britney. 18) the snake! 19) Circus tour dvd
  3. I think it is BS. I bet she is really careful about it. Having a baby with Sam means she would have to deal with him forever, even if they split up
  4. The recidency thing is soo boring to me. Only Usa fans can be happy for this or people who can afford to visit her overseas. But, as always, americans are always treated better than the others.
  5. I don't hate it but I agree with you! HIAM especially, such a classic, even better than TTWE for me
  6. I hope she will change the setlist a bit. Still praying for overprotected and HIAM
  7. I am Italian, from Rome. So many people from the US!
  8. I think Overprotected original version is sooo underrated. I am probably the only one who loves that version more than darkchild's