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  1. I was just 7 years old and i remember watching BOMT on mtv. wow!
  2. She is more alive now. But also I think it is not so fun answering questions without an audience and just alone. It looks silly
  3. I am afraid i will be bored by the new recidency. I need new music and fresh stuff.
  4. They are friends at the end of the day i guess after all these years. I also think that it would be stressful for her to have new people in her team as she is not very comfortable with new people
  5. It would be interesting tbh. Maybe it could be good for both, who knows. Better than the feat with will-I-am, Iggy etc
  6. Last one if Europe... see you in another 7 years Britney
  7. I have been to the Dublin show and it was my first time too seeing her! I do agree as it does not give breaks! It takes a lot of energy to run a show like that! It was very surreal and amazing
  8. I think Circus is a nice album. It is pop, quite safe, nothing forefront but way better than BJ. A looot better
  9. I don't listen to it too but hey, not all albums can always be good
  10. THIS. She has written or co -written many of her songs. People do not give her credit for that, which is stupid
  11. That''s a good question. I really have no idea how much a songwriter can earn. However I don't know about what shania has done recently, but I saw that Country stars earn very much ( even if country music is very famous just in the USA, not in Europe)