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  1. I hope Britney will understand that she can be still successful and people love her. Love her music and love when she has success. She needs that sparkle in the life and I hope it will light a fire up in her.
  2. I hope she realizes she can still be successful and that she should carry on recording cause I think she still has so much to say and sing about
  3. I make silly videos to have fun and I don't take myself too seriously. I find britney 's insta very normal tbh. Personal life and professional should be different things 😊😊
  4. it looks so dull! it coul have been a great breakdown
  5. Oh OK cool! I knew Madonna and Mariah fans did it and I am happy we did that too!
  6. I just saw a tweet saying Glory is currently n 2 on Itunes top 100 pop albums, and that is actually true! Omg! Do you know why? http://www.popvortex.com/music/charts/top-pop-albums.php
  7. They won't let britney free. She is a slave of the system. Unfortunately they want to scary her and keep controlling her so that she doesn't spill info about the industry
  8. Usually when she dyes her hair brown, she is fire bomb. Something ia happening. We will see... It's september too
  9. I think she wil release a new album next year. If she is releasing it this year, In semptember we will see something moving but i see it very hard to believe.
  10. this!! I was waiting for that and people are always loud with her
  11. I can't at all the "is she ok?" comments on insta. She is playing and being goofy is her way to relax. I don't get why many fans still don't get that.
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