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  1. I think she wil release a new album next year. If she is releasing it this year, In semptember we will see something moving but i see it very hard to believe.
  2. this!! I was waiting for that and people are always loud with her
  3. I can't at all the "is she ok?" comments on insta. She is playing and being goofy is her way to relax. I don't get why many fans still don't get that.
  4. I did not remember she had a gap between her teeth
  5. Yes, that ia kinda odd. It looks like every video "she" is posting has something weird and off...
  6. Happy and hot. She is always so strong. Girl you shine
  7. She is spreading positive vibes in the video. Good to see that
  8. The video looks old to me. She aint posting anything. She just goes around with her handlers and stop. I dont think she can upoload anything now. If she decided to retire of course I wouldnt be happy but i understand that after all those years in Hellyweird she must be tired and disgusted.
  9. He will see what is going to happen. It is very indefinite now to judge the situation
  10. Many fans think she is not that smart but she is. She has always sent messages this way and the control cover was the first thing i thought of. Take a look a the shoulders of both dresses.
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