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  1. In few days I'll see her for the first time too! I am excited/scared. I can't wait though!
  2. I am ok she deletes them, I was wondering if she is going to replace them or the show will be shorter
  3. I read it on instagram. Do you know if it is true and if they are going o be replaced by other songs? Thoughts?
  4. I think she is doing ok as long as she is happy, but I cannot hide the fact that I would like her to start taking dancing classes again. She has the energy and she wants to slay even more but probably she is not used to dancing with techinque and structured choreo and she doesn't realize that cause she doesn't give much attention. Less gym and more dance classes Brit As for the lipsync, it is not a problem for me tbh. I am not going to her concert to hear her live voice, I know it is not going to happen. She will have her reason to playbacksto I am ok with it. I will see her for the first time in Dublin in few days, can't wait
  5. the bomt my fave!
  6. Even this dog knows how iconic Britney is
  7. Clumsy looks cool from the little clip. Change your mind is the clear fact that she is doing her own choreo, that's so clear there
  8. Artists pay their videos by showing ads in them, simple as that. It is easy and they save a lot of money. Remember that albums and singles don't bring much money anymore, just the tours.
  9. OMG that is so boring and depressing. the tour will be called: A Life in Vegas
  10. I dream Overprotected But it probably will be a