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  1. I've been thinking about that a lot. I hope they won't just hand it all over to her at once. That's a huge change, that would be hard for anyone to handle. We don't know much about Britney's situation, but I really hope Jamie is teaching her as well as managing her finances (and general). Another thing I've been thinking about, is that we don't know what Britney actually wants. It seems like the whole "Free Britney"-movement KNOWS she 100% wants out of it. For all we know, she might actually want parts of the conservatorship to remain. We just have to keep faith in the investigation.
  2. Her post broke my heart. I really hope these people will see the pain they've caused her. Honestly, she should turn off her comment sections. I can't even look at it - it's disgusting and scary.
  3. I kinda like the idea of giving out a few unreleased tracks. If they made a contract with exclusive streaming rights with either Apple Music or Spotify, the streaming platform could do all the promo for Britney. Then she wouldn't need to cut her break short at all
  4. My comment was poorly written. I see that in hindsight. English isn't my first language, so that can mess things up. Sorry again!
  5. It's sad and painful that she felt like she needed to edit the picture. But it's understandable though, with all the nasty comments she gets about her body. It's disgusting. She looks amazing! And haven't we all done some editing mistakes before?
  6. I'm truly sorry. I meant no offense towards you!
  7. There's a huge difference between "I think that", "In my opinion" and "MY SOURCE TELLS ME THIS IS TOTALLY TRUE, AND ALL I SAY IS TOTALLY TRUE!!!!" Also, 100% agree with what @heather wrote.
  8. AB has lost all credibility in my opinion. A once trustworthy and respected website has become trash
  9. I know. It's like they have never seen any of her Instagram videos before
  10. That's big! A judge wouldn't decide anything like that without it being a serious threat. I'm glad her safety is protected. Why isn't there a mainpage post yet?
  11. This I hope she call them out soon. This fanbase is a mess right now
  12. Clips of the filming shows that she didn't like it at all though
  13. I agree. The movement brought some good to the table (example, investigation), but it had a price. And Britney is the one paying it. And Britney didn't eat lunch. It was her evil clone made by Lou and the illuminati
  14. I don't know about y'all, but my iPhone is capable of having multiple apps And even multiple apps for the same purpose And I even use multiple apps I sometimes post Instagram-stuff with pictures and videos from other apps Shocking, I know
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