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  1. AB has lost all credibility in my opinion. A once trustworthy and respected website has become trash
  2. I know. It's like they have never seen any of her Instagram videos before
  3. That's big! A judge wouldn't decide anything like that without it being a serious threat. I'm glad her safety is protected. Why isn't there a mainpage post yet?
  4. This I hope she call them out soon. This fanbase is a mess right now
  5. Clips of the filming shows that she didn't like it at all though
  6. I agree. The movement brought some good to the table (example, investigation), but it had a price. And Britney is the one paying it. And Britney didn't eat lunch. It was her evil clone made by Lou and the illuminati
  7. I don't know about y'all, but my iPhone is capable of having multiple apps And even multiple apps for the same purpose And I even use multiple apps I sometimes post Instagram-stuff with pictures and videos from other apps Shocking, I know
  8. I have mixed feelings about all the paparazzi pictures. On one hand it's great to see her, but at the same time it's sad that she is getting stalked by them again. And the video title.. "Did She And Sam Asghari Break Up?".. He was at his cosines wedding all day
  9. These so-called fans are making me sick. It's really painful to think that Britney has read some of the horrible things people are commenting and saying about her. They are horrible, ungrateful bullies with a total lack of empathy, compassion and common sense. I'll just leave this here.
  10. That's so sweet and wholesome! I love that she laughed when he fell
  11. That's disgusting. Her kids should be off the table for the media
  12. Aleks

    Nobody Cares...

    Bi the way! It's amazing and iconic!! Want you back is another bop Great work
  13. It's sad that it got this far, but I'm glad she spoke out. Now it's time to leave Britney alone
  14. I wonder if they have even considered the possibility that what they are doing might be damaging for Britney's health and wellbeing.