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  1. It was surprisingly cool and interesting
  2. This right here is why I don't like people
  3. Leaks??!

    I wish recording sessions from Private Show and What You Need will leak
  4. 1. Just because you don't like filters, doesn't mean that the rest of the world doesn't like them too 2. If those filters works the same way as on snapchat, they will change your voice. 2.5. You don't need to do it. I found it on youtube right away. 3. Maybe she is just having fun? 4. Calm down your tits
  5. Has that disgusting fucktard no shame? He's such a great role model for his way too many kids. Just imagine what his kids will think of him in a few years
  6. I've been waiting for her to ask "what's your name, sweetie?" to any of her collabs tbh
  7. Has any artist ever performed at the superbowl twice before?
  8. He looked like a homeless man screaming "EEEY", "HEEEY" and "WOOO" one of the dance breaks was cool though
  9. I don't think she followed him in the first place Also, Sam has been posting on his story and one posted a pic yesterday I don't think they've broken up tbh