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  1. Happy Birthday tiktik!

  2. anybody want to tell me why the most bias member on universe is now a mod
  3. Oh lord u again. Cause Britney holds the record bb
  4. http://www.buzzfeed.com/reggieugwu/taylor-swift-removes-all-albums-from-spotify?bftw=main lol
  5. 1) work bitch 2) HIAM 3) Piece of me GO
  6. Seriously? She brought that outfit back over the other one?
  7. This was the december show right?
  8. Hmm. Good point. That actually spoke to me
  9. Lmfao flopga was such an ass but so funny at the same time. Remember when he was a mod? crying
  10. I completely respect that tho? People are allowed to have their preferences, i don't think its delusion to enjoy a different tour that someone else, i just think its delusion to state that Britneys 'slaying' choreo in POM when she obviously isn't you know?
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