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  1. what's wrong with rammstein
  2. a "Restricted Area" pops up when trying to get in to exhell
  3. if you are a dude you'll be able to loose the extra weight very easily. if you are a girl it will take more time and dedication. cardio is a must, running or jogging will be good if you're not into gym workouts. and low carb diet with lots of green veggies will be better. don't get rid of sugar and carbs, your body needs them, just measure the amounts you take.
  4. not my Senior Member status
  5. looks like she is smelling a fart
  6. lmaaooo Jawni's take over was better tho.
  7. yeah I'm hesitant about leaving my Senior Member status over there
  8. I wanna know oh just found out there is and my favourite emoticons!!!