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    my account got deleted and I had almost 9,000 posts Almost 4,000 likes I had the same account since Circus era x 1000
  2. If singles doesn't win I'm going back to exhale tbh
  3. I think Circus is in a tie with Femme Fatale. I never said Circus was a bad album. Just one of her worst. You can't compare Circus to ITZ, BO, Britney, BOMT or OIDIA. You can't compare Circusney to Primeney. The only person with bad taste is you tbh primeney will always be better, stop being delusional bby
  4. blur and shattered glass are boring af kill the lights was fun at first, but then nothing special womanizer, circus and IUSA are the only remarkable songs in it
  5. I forgive you only because we live in the same country
  6. make up your mind and choose singles, for God's sake
  7. What do you think? Instead of being BOMT, OIDIA, Britney, ITZ, GHMP... members, we can be britney singles and grow faster as a member. It'll be fun Come on, vote! UPDATE:You'll get it peeps!
  8. I won't. I wanna go sounds like a Katy Perry song, basic as fuck
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