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  1. They play it mostly at night , and even with lot of spins on radio it won't have a lot of audience
  2. 30 30 BRITNEY SPEARS Slumber Party f/Tinashe 1780 1578 202 7.227 +19 Spins +44 Bullets -0.027 Audience It's coming back But seriously, this week I'm hoping for update like ICONIC update on day-54 Sorry for my English btw.
  3. Yeah,but Britney is beautiful and has a lot of potential,but her makeup,hair,fashion stylist fuck her up tho,she needs to hire someone new
  4. Who,that girl that hang out with xtina,noooo
  5. Ohhh c'mon it's not that bad
  6. So I'm bored and I have this make up app and I did a make up on Britney photo,and I kinda liked it What do u think if she changes her look to this
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