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  1. @ღ Slave4Brit ღ congrats for winning newsbot despite not being main paged lol
  2. Finally! Please be either completely new songs or songs from Glory...
  3. There's a lot of ppl who don't care about fashion and just wear what they want
  4. I didn't even notice I left the other number 6 out😂 Fixed my answers
  5. 1. Brunetteney 2. I really can't say 3. Iggy 4. OIDIA 5. Southern Belleney 6. 3 7. Idk who those ppl are and I'm too lazy to do research 8. VMAs 9. S&M 10. Everytime 11. School uniform 12. Originall Doll 13. HIMYM 14. Christina 15. Blackout 16. Toxic mv 17. Max Martin 18. Snake 19. Haven't watched either so can't say
  6. Yeah, the hacked version was just as good as the paid premium
  7. I had one for years. Too bad that eventually Spotify noticed and forced me to switch to the official version
  8. If I really wanna annoy my friends I also use Britney GIFs 😂
  9. Lol I'm the exact opposite of you. 1. I never respond on any comments (which is really easy for me since someone else is likely gonna do it anyway so why waste time). I do read the comments tho. 2. I never share Britney content on my Face or Insta since none of the ppl I know in real life would care. However if I ever go to a Britney concert I'll DEFINITELY post videos/pics. As for the things I do, I simply enjoy her music, watch the music videos/videos about her and talk about Britney news with fellow fans online. Also I'm slowly growing my merch collection. Oh, and when no one can hear, I love to sing along to her songs