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  1. Really happy that she's posting regularly again after the long absence, I hope she enjoys her vacation
  2. Ikr, if only she could see herself through the eyes of someone else, she's dummy thiccccc
  3. Even with all the negativity, I think it's a price that must be paid when it comes to the internet. I'd rather a few comments be deleted than see everyone being prevented from commenting in the first place. The internet has always been about people being able to post what they want without anyone preventing them to. Consequences can of course come later depending on what is posted
  4. Here's a few just in case, ignore the bottom one that's only partially showing
  5. And would unfortunately create a new one. It'd be like trying to put out a fire with fuel. By fire I mean all the conspiracy theorists out there
  6. I can confirm I managed to find most of these comments after a quick search, but the amount of negative ones did surprise me
  7. Yeah, you're gonna have to start telling us names of sources instead of "a little birdie this" and "a little birdie that" if you want to keep your credibility. Like come on, I know you can do better than this, AB
  8. Because earlier they thought for some reason that Lufti's got good intentions when it comes to the c-ship and Britney's mental health and now it's pretty damn sure that he doesn't (surprise surprise). And since the news doesn't fit their agenda they're now suddenly silent because it would hurt their credibility as a page? Just a wild guess
  9. Excellent news, I think they made the right decision. This guy means no good for anyone around him
  10. Don't worry, some of us younger fans do have common sense and can also use it, not all hope is lost And yeah, I also doubt Instagram will be top priority in the evaluation. Personally I'm glad for every single time Britney speaks up and defends herself, it's always good to see it
  11. It's indeed funny, didn't they want Britney to have a voice? Well she's definitely using it now, just not for what they expected her to use it for
  12. Awwwwwww, I'm so happy to see her posting stuff like this again! I've missed this