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  1. Took the words right out of my mind, nothing to add
  2. No problem man, someone's gotta calm all these crazy fans down. It's still out of control though. Like just a moment ago on Facebook I saw a post where Jamie Lynn wished her brother a happy birthday. Guess what kind of comments I found?
  3. No offense taken Just thought I'd remind everyone here that there are also responsible young people out there
  4. Age is not a good reason not to know. It's all available online if you Google what he did. I'm only 19 so I didn't read about the stuff back when it actually happened but oh boy, is there a lot to find out if you bother searching. So yeah, they're just way too irresponsible
  5. Omg... how the fuck does one think of such an idea? I seriously can't imagine the thought process that went through that fan's head
  6. *slow clap* Way to go Army... I sincerely hope this movement doesn't end up causing too much harm. Those fans are rushing ahead without clear proof and that's not good. It would be completely different if someone reliable had come out and said Britney's conservatorship is being abused and she's being forced to do things she doesn't wanna do.
  7. Indeed, poor Britney can't even say anything about it because it could just add more fuel to the fire. I hope she disconnects herself completely from the outside world while she's in the mental facility. She should focus only on herself and gaining more strength
  8. The bad side of the internet I'm afraid. There's so much information that can't be confirmed true OR false so it's the perfect foundation for speculation. Only time will tell how much if any of what we heard is true
  9. I'm in a high school for adults so basicly I'll graduate with a regular high school degree. No idea where to go after that though
  10. Well, when I first came here I was still living at my mom's and my friends didn't even know about me being a fan so quite a lot has changed. I also study at a different place now and can legally smoke, drink, gamble and vote
  11. My opinion probably isn't very popular but this is the perfect time for her to experiment with a new genre. She's done pretty much everything there is to do with pop so why not try something new? Personally I'd be so excited if she did a rock album at some point (but ofc it's not gonna be rock since my wishes don't tend to come true)
  12. This. I'm sure everyone misses the time when Britney and her team were innovative, when they'd make surprises for the fans, when every era actually brought something new becides just the music
  13. Well shit... another greatest hits show it is... are they planning on Britney's retirement or something?😂 "Ok guys, we need to keep milking money from the classics while we still can, it's only a matter of time before people will start demanding new music."
  14. Damn, I thought this was gonna be a hard one😂 Britney Jean of course, we MUST have a flawless discography