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  1. I already miss the dark hair, I wish she'd have kept it longer. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
  2. I'm also curious. Personally I feel like I couldn't just "abandon" her, it feels like she could really use some mental support from us right now, almost as much as back in the day. As for the retirement part, she herself said she'll be back on stage one day, this is temporary. How long will she be on a break? Only she knows, but I know she's gonna appreciate the fact that we stuck around and gave her a reason to continue performing.
  3. My guess is a lot of the times there is no actual source, instead the writer of the article just makes that up so they can add stuff to make the article seem more interesting to the readers. It's too often all about the views unfortunately.
  4. This, a dozen times this. They just have to make sure they state that someone else said it's this or that way, and if the "source" is anonymous no one can get in trouble for it.
  5. I actually had to check if this is true since I'm too young to remember that. I even found an old thread from here with a few examples. Now I'm here like: Why didn't anyone tell me about this? These are awesome!
  6. Yeah, this HAS to be her writing them. Love the longer, more personal captions lately too.
  7. That was entertaining, thanks for sharing.
  8. I had actually forgotten about this whole lawsuit. It's a shame Anthony didn't listen to the advice given by other members here, not even high ranking ones. As much as I dislike Jamie, he had full right to sue Anthony. Let's hope he learns from this and will be more objective when writing future posts.
  9. How dare she even suggest that we'd somehow forget about her : ( Glad she's taking time for herself yet still also addressing her fans every now and then. It feels good to see status updates from her during these times.
  10. Yeah, in all it's simplicity: the c-ship (as it is now) makes it so that there are too many cooks in the kitchen. The arrangements could have been done more simply with only the absolutely necessary people working on the c-ship. That way everybody (except a few certain people, lol) would be happy. Britney would get the help she actually needs and the money would go where it's supposed to go. And us fans of course could be care free and just concentrate on her career.
  11. I feel you, I don't want them to get any of my money either, I wish more of it could just go to Britney. But the fact is, she doesn't do everything herself so of course there's gonna be others to grab their share, even ones that don't really deserve the money. I'm gonna keep buying her albums and occationally buying merch because we fans are the only ones that are still keeping Britney in the industry, we have been ever since she stopped being mainstream. It's a tough choice but in the end I hope that the good the money does outweights the bad.
  12. What I see as a problem is that it feels like the job of rehabilitating Britney was left unfinished. I've mentioned before that I think they shouldn't have rushed Britney back on stage that soon and instead should have given her time to properly heal from everything that happened in the first place. I'm not an expert but I can't imagine any regular person returning to work life as fast as she did. Mental rehabilitation is a long process and if the sittuation is as bad to begin with as it was with Britney back in 07-08, the primary focus should be in the patient's mental wellbeing, everything else in life should come second. I'm sure that most of the fans share this feeling, which is probably the reason there's so much speculation about what her true mental health level is. Her team acting the way they do hasn't helped that either I think.
  13. Damn, I had forgotten I share the same sign with her. Let's hope one day she'll get all the freedom she deserves.
  14. Oh he's definitely referencing that night at the award show, and very likely other nights as well.
  15. I just can't get over the fact of how good she looks in that hairstyle, I wish she'll keep it for a long time, she looks so sexy with dark hair!
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