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  1. A few years I think, probably circa 2016 if I remember right.
  2. I love this idea, a daily inspiring post from her is gonna be the highlight of the day for any fan who happens to be quarantined. And for the rest of us too.
  3. And now I wish I could double like this😂 You made my day! Edit: also adding that I remember seeing her wear one piece swimsuits before but that's a really rare sight.
  4. Oh yeah, I can already imagine how if the comments got disabled even for a single post they'd try to catch the media's attention again but would likely only end up making things worse as the press would get another pay day speculating all kinds of stuff... I'm sure it all started with people's hearts in the right place, and the right kind of media attention wouldn't hurt Britney's sittuation. It's good that people are aware of what's happening to her and are also interested in her wellbeing but it all started to go downhill when the conspiracies kicked in. I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again: This can't be over soon enough, I feel like right now Britney is in the second toughest point of her life and she could use all the support we can give to her, but it has to be the right kind of support. We need to cheer her up, not tear her down.
  5. Don't worry, you're not gonna get hate here since this isn't Exhell It makes me sad that Britney feels like she has to constantly tell her fans not to be mean to her, I really hope she's not gonna end up hating her own fanbase because of a few crazies out there. I'm still trying to understand how one can get offended by Britney posting about horses😂 I'm glad she keeps reading comments though, because that means she's also seen the positive stuff people say, maybe that balances things out in the end.
  6. "The times, they are a-changing", lol I'm 20 and luckily I only got introduced to smartphones in my early teens. I did play a lot of video games on my PS2 and PC, neither were connected online though. But I also played outside with other kids so there was still a balance between the two. Getting a smartphone did bring a lot of changes though. I can't speak for other young people, but for me at least a smartphone is a great way to partially escape sittuations that cause me anxiety. It helps me focus on something else. I admit, there's a downside, and that's the continuous bombardment of information that makes you unable to just be without doing something at the same time. As for getting likes, I taught myself not to give a damn about their amount, real life praise is much more important and effective than a digital number of "likes".
  7. 38 and still changing her favorite color Never change, Brit.
  8. My guess is that he already knows that calling people gay as an insult isn't good behavior. But the fact is, boys still call each other gay all the time, that's just how things are. The difference is of course when to use it as an insult. Close friends can call each other all kinds of names (me and my friends throw the word "gay" around a lot between each other too) and it's considered harmless. Meanwhile people should know that calling strangers gay isn't ok in the same way. But I'm sure Jayden will have to have a talk about that thing too while he's being taught proper online behavior, preferrably by his own parents rather than strangers online.
  9. I'd say all the important stuff is right there in the OP.
  10. I think the sittuation makes it so that Britney will be pressured to weigh in her view and maybe even defend her son against certain fans. But I also think Jayden will have learned a valuable lesson about what he should or shouldn't say publicly.
  11. Kids have always been edgy, especially boys. Me and my peers were too when we were that age so it shouldn't be surprising to see Jayden use that kind of language. As for the Jamie part, I don't think it's because of a single incident either.
  12. I saw those posts too, they seemed like typical content for someone barely in their teens, same with the vocabulary. I assumed Jayden would only post random stuff like that and keep anything related to Britney out of the posts, which is why I was surprised to read about the answers in the livestream or the shoutout he gave to a fan account.
  13. I'm surprised that Jayden has a public Ig account, you'd think that being Britney's son he'd wanna protect his privacy more than the average kid out there. I hope he understands that in his sittuation he needs to watch his words more than most people. Also not surprised he doesn't like Jamie. Edit: I checked and the account is now private, I think Jayden realised he made a mistake by saying all that stuff publicly.
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