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  1. I wouldn't expect any new stuff this year. Especially with the whole c-ship hearing thing going on, career definitely won't be top priority for Britney. I wouldn't get my hopes up for early 2020 either, at least for anything significant
  2. Agreed, the day when this whole sittuation is all over can't come soon enough if you ask me
  3. As entertaining as I find conspiracy theories, that's all they are for me: entertainment. I've seen one or two of these videos before, watched them out of curiosity, but they weren't exactly convincing. Plus, like @MonaLisa613 , I don't want to be involved with the #freebritney movement, there just hasn't been enough evidence to convince me to join it. So you do you, and I'll do me
  4. I also think Anthony's gonna lose, I just can't see many scenarios where he wouldn't. Of course he still does have a chance but he's gonna need one hell of a lawyer to be able to stand his ground against whatever Jamie and his lawyer throw at him in court. And to think how easily this could all have been avoided, it's a shame
  5. You may place your bets in 3... 2... 1... now!
  6. It's sad indeed. And since she's had to deal with that pressure for most of her life that makes it even sadder. I'm not gonna list the stuff she's done to change her looks but I'm really glad she hasn't gone full celebrity and done some radical plastic surgery because of that pressure. Ofc I wish she'd stayed all natural but like you, I don't blame her either
  7. I didn't notice it either before people pointed it out. Instead of looking for editing mistakes I simply focus on HER and then move on to the next pic on my feed, I can definitely recommend doing so for those people as well : D Edit: I'll add that she obviously looks good without any edits and I hope she'll one day have enough confidence in her looks to realise that too
  8. Glad I'm not the only one feeling that way, it's the first thing that came to my mind : D
  9. Luckily they must then also be aware of people like you, me and several others who point out when things get crazy. I believe in judging people individually rather than as a group and I really hope Britney and her dad believe in that too. Let's be glad that we remind them that not the entire fanbase is like the conspiracy theorists out there. There's no use in feeling sorry for something you yourself haven't done. Let those people face the consequences
  10. I agree 100% with suing the people who've made death threats against people involved in the c-ship, however I have mixed feelings about Anthony's case. Can't say I'm surprised about this though, maybe now he'll think more about how he words the articles he writes. I really hope AB in general goes back to being reliable and responsible like they used to be
  11. These made me smile, she looks so happy!
  12. Really happy that she's posting regularly again after the long absence, I hope she enjoys her vacation
  13. Ikr, if only she could see herself through the eyes of someone else, she's dummy thiccccc
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