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  1. Nope, definitely not alone. Goofiness is one thing I love about her, sometimes her posts are actually the highlight of my day, lol. When she gets playful it puts a smile on my face and I think she simply enjoys joking around every now and then, nothing wrong with that. I think you may have a point with that last part too, maybe no one would find her posts weird if the sittuation was different.
  2. Luckily mental health and how to deal with issues related to it are getting less taboo every decade. People talk more openly now about how to improve your mental wellbeing and what it's like to struggle with mental health issues on a daily basis. I definitely see similarities between me and Britney. For starters, we share the same zodiac sign (Sagittarius). We both suffer from anxiety. We've both gone through a total mental breakdown and survived. And we both like to keep it real instead of pretending to be something we aren't. Britney is the celebrity I admire the most in the universe because I can relate to her so much. Unlike so many other celebrities, her image hasn't been polished for a long time. Instead, she's embraced the fact that she's human, with human emotions and human flaws. Her life story inspires me on a daily basis to keep fighting through my own struggles with mental wellbeing. There's nothing I wish more than the possibility to have a face to face conversation with her, to be able to tell her how much she means to me and thank her for everything she's done for her fans. Who knows, maybe one day that will come true, untill then I'll be waiting. Fun fact: Britney is the only pop artist I listen to. I'm actually more into heavier music but she will always be the exception.
  3. It's really great that she got to spend time with her sons despite the current sittuation, I can only imagine how much it meant to her. And I'm sure the kids loved it as well!
  4. Tbh my opinion about the BJ album hasn't changed at all. I still think that it's got a few nice songs even though overall it sounds overproduced, and that the reason the album is Britney's worst is simply because the rest of her albums had so much more effort put into them (which is ironic because I recall Britney saying something like that BJ would be her most personal album). As for the whole Myah singing thing, I've actually never bothered to look into it that much so it's hard to critisize you about something I don't have much knowledge about, although I do remember your continuous threads about the subject, which did come across a bit obcessive.
  5. For me as someone from the younger generations of her fans it's amusing, but at the same time I understand the nostalgia hungriness of people, it's just human nature to look back in the old times as something that was perfect with no negative sides at all. We have a saying in my country, it translates as "time gilds memories". But I've accepted the fact that even if Britney tried her absolute best she couldn't match herself in her prime, she's almost 40 now which means she can't be as flexible on stage as she was in her teens and 20's. As for her facial features, all I'm gonna say is that I think she never needed to go under the surgical knife, she was perfect for me the way she looked naturally. Same for when she got her breast size enhanced (I know that she got the implants removed later though). But I understand how she must have been under massive pressure seeing her looks being constantly analyzed publicly.
  6. You're not alone, I also really wish Britney would do something special for her fans. I bet it must have felt exciting to be her fan when she was in her prime, unfortunately I'm too young to have gotten that luxury. But I also bet that eventually our patience is gonna be rewarded, Britney hasn't lost her passion for performing even though it might sometimes seem like she has, we just need to hang on untill the time is right.
  7. I like the idea, although I'll probably wait untill someone posts the highlights featuring Britney here.
  8. If I can handle the jokes about her on Family Guy and that South Park episode, I think I can handle this, lol. I'd say the actress did a decent job, at least I smiled.
  9. In Finland they just uploaded the explicit standard version on Spotify with the new cover, the deluxe edition remains untouched. I like the new cover, but tbh I was fine with the old one too. I'd love to get some more Glory songs but I'll take that part with a grain of salt.
  10. That gym one though... oh Britney, 38 and still can't be trusted with candles😂 The world goes round and round but some things never change.
  11. Becides the obvious (any kind of bikini she's worn), one outfit I really liked was the old 20's dress she wore in one of her Instagram posts. I also liked her 2016 VMA's look. The dress, the hair, the makeup, everything was on point that day.
  12. A few years I think, probably circa 2016 if I remember right.
  13. Yes x100! It really made my day.
  14. I love this idea, a daily inspiring post from her is gonna be the highlight of the day for any fan who happens to be quarantined. And for the rest of us too.
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