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  1. she's too cute! look at her! she looks like a lost puppy in that video
  2. You're 100% right. She never talked about her 2007 struggles. Never. In "For The Record" she was very vague about it and after that documentary she never talked about it again. Nowadays I feel like everyone tries to use their public struggles to play the "super-victim" and keep people interested. Britney never did that, she never played the victim (and she actually could) and I respect her so much for that...
  3. I'm trying to give Larry the benefit of the doubt since I don't know what he really does and why he says the things he says, but it's difficult to see him as more than a terrible manager. How does he work for one of the biggest pop stars of the decade?
  4. @King of Disaster Loved it! I'd replace Alien with Invitation or Coupure Electrique but that would be an amazing setlist
  6. A doube feature video with a small part of coupure electrique as intro and then the full If I'm Dancing could work very well if they went for a futuristic artsy pop vibe with lots of interesting dancing moves for IID.
  7. Exactly. People think it underperformed because the album is one of the best of her entire career and it deserved to sell like 500k copies 1st week in the US BUT in pop culture things never work in a "it deserved so it achieved" way. Britney's brand was in the trash since the X Factor days (or FF Tour days, maybe). She made some terrible career choices and GP lost the interest. This could have been career suicide. Her main goal with this album was to control that damage and reinvent her brand and she ACHIEVED IT. These results show GP is still interested, specially in Europe, Latin America and Asia, where the album had close to 0 promotion and reached some of the biggest chart positions of her career. Press is still interested. Fans are more than interested. Now that she achieved that, she has to work in order to maintain her public and expand it further. She will achieve that along the promotion of this album but the bigger results will show only with the next album if she continues releasing great songs and promoting them (I think releasing a 'greatest hits' after glory would be a huge mistake. she can't feed the "has been" image anymore). Also, she's starting her real return to the stages now. During the Circus era she did some solid performances but not nearly as good as the ones she's doing now at her POM shows. During the FF Tour her promo performances were terrible. Now she needs to be GREAT at the festivals to prove the GP she's really back.
  8. @Light Yagami Every female (and male) pop act is mostly admired and supported by gay people. That's why pop fans are usually labeled as "gay" even if the're straight. This happens everywhere but specially in the US. In some parts of Europe that's begining to change because more and more straight guys are being open about their admiration for pop acts and pop culture. Labels and gender roles are begining to fall. Taylor Swift and Rihanna are extemely associated to gay public. I don't know how you can't see that. Selena and Ariana are more associated to young public, but also gay public. As @I_need_me said, the problem here is the stupid necessity to put a label on people. As a matter of fact, I know some straight guys who admire Beyonce and Britney (Beyonce because she's being marketed as an activist - some years ago she was only associated to gay fans - and Britney because of her 90s aesthetic that's trending now in the GP - straight included - and because she's hotter than she's ever been and that's always atractive to straight guys). I disagree the album underperformed but if it did, that wouldn't be the reason at all, otherwise all those pop acts I have refered would "underperform" too.
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