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  1. well I have a happy ending ? after all I sent a letter yo the name and address of the tickets asking the guy to send me a copy of his ID, and today he anwer me and sent me the copy, so today I am sure I will have no problem to access to the concert ????
  2. I only will become absolutely crazy when she appears on the stage...but I think it wont be weird...jajajaja
  3. well, yesterday I sent a letter to the person whose name and address appears in the tickets. I ask him to help me with the problem, I give him my phone number and email to contact me and to send me his id copy. I don't know how much time it will take for the letter to arrive to France from Spain... I hope he will understand the problem. If he doesnt answer... I will have to think that maybe there is something dark behind.
  4. they say that ot is possible that the previous owner has sold then to more than one person....so there colud be some problem if that is the case. I hope it wont be my case.
  5. thaks, I am starting to be a little more relaxed, I am trying not to worry too much, though it is difficult.
  6. that's the answer I recieved this morning from the AccorHotels Arena's customer service: Hello, Our security staff can ask you a ID to prove that the tickets are yours. Unfortunately, your seller could send the same ticket to different person. So we can't help you to know if they are valid. Make sur to use official seller next time you want to buy some tickets.
  7. I just have sent them an email right now. I'm afraid they will tell me the same that is said at the website...but I lose nothing by trying. I'll tell you what they answer to me. thanks
  8. Yes, I have the tickets, and the name is on them. Viagogo doesnt have an info telephone, only an email address which I have written 2 emails and I only got authomatic answers.... an absolutely awful post-sales service. I cant call to Arena because I know nothing of French....so I'm afraid Iwont be able to speak with them.
  9. I hope you are right. If I travel to Paris by plane, queue up and after all I am thrown away at the door...I will die.
  10. I would like be able to do that, but I bought the tickets from Viagogo.com and they dont give me the personal info of the previous owner.
  11. how do you know it? how are you so sure? have ypu ever been at accorhotels arena?
  12. a perfect match was S&M with rihanna and MATM with madonna...but, Tinashe? ok, it was good, but not perfect to me, and I would prefer a feat with a more solid celebrity. I even didnt know that girl before the collab
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