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  1. Leo is confirmed but MEO is not but she DID post a picture of herself yesterday saying that the next nine days are going to be bumpy (rehearsing maybe? Nine days are August 2nd and MEO is August 1st to 5th)
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala: Wednesday 26th July 2017: St. Tropez, France or she's rumored to perform at MEO Sudoeste Festival
  3. No not at all! When she can have a top ten hit by herself maybe we can talk. I view her as the poor mans Mariah
  4. Jensen Ackles who is married with 3 children...everyone, gay, str8, trans and in-between know of work bitch
  5. B10 needs to be a album with no fillers and unforgettable singles...find that smash hit team Britney!
  6. 1. BOMT was released in October 23, 1998, I want to say that the single and video were released at the same time...but I'm not really sure. 2. Fast forward to 3:23...Christina's single was from a Disney movie (which was a minor hit)....she didn't release her album till August 24, 1999 3. Because the album wasn't finished yet. The media made up the Britney vs. Christina idea. Why would Jive rush an unknown singer single/album because someone she use to work with has a single out for a Disney movie, who is also unknown? 4. Because at the time Max Martin was the hottest songwriter with known hits under his belt.
  7. Mariah ruined her voice back in 1996 with her "Daydream" Tour, she never took proper care and rest and went to project after project. That's why her voice went husky around 1999. Mariah has used a backing track for the high/whistle notes as seen on New Years Eve video for Emotions and her horrible mic feed from 2014 Rockefeller. This will not effect nor hurt her just like 2014 after horrible mic feed leaked she signed a deal in Vegas. 1994 Before Daydream Tour: 1997 After Daydream Tour: 2014 Rockefeller Mic Feed: http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/isolated-unedited-vocals-of-mariah-careys-awful-holida-1666529981
  8. Exactly and everyone knows Mariah is a big bitch and has issues with JLO & Madonna in the past...who knows maybe Britney and Mariah have beef and she didn't want to do it. Madonna's carpool was less singing expect for her acapella don't cry for me...other than moving her legs around and shaking her ass it was sadly boring.
  9. This video is getting a lot of attention from the LGBT outlets:
  10. I'm not on twitter so don't confuse me with yourself. I never said her career wasn't going did I? No, thank you...After 25 years Dolly Parton has scored her first number 1 album...Just goes to show anyone can. No where did I state that she can't and can, you are the with these delusions that I'm this crazy stan because don't go along with what you think. You've been bashing her and glory this whole thread, she isn't a selling artist, glory would have flopped either way, she can't sell digital....looks like bashing to me. "Used to Love You" was moderately successful after its release. In the United States, "Used to Love You" debuted at number three on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart, which serves as an extension to the Billboard Hot 100. But yet Britney's to old and meanwhile "Can't Stop the Feeling!" debut at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 on the May 28, 2016, marking Justin Timberlake's fifth chart-topping single in the country and he's one year older then Britney. Like I've been saying age isn't a factor in any of this.
  11. That the public no longer cares and she's not a sales artist means she's over because no label will carry someone who doesn't sell. You don't have me bothered and I really couldn't carless because your not stating facts, nothing hard to accept chart placement never ever mattered to me. Gwen landed #3 Britney landed 52...I'm just glad she made an album, your the one who keeps bashing it....
  12. I never said it doesn't your just looking to pick a fight, but there are some people who like to have physical copies of the albums. Beyoncé's radio plays have always been good and I use to love you clocked in at #3 http://beaconstreetonline.net/gwen-stefani/used-to-love-you-debuts-on-the-billboard-charts. You keep stating she's over but yet even her flop album makes news. So maybe you need to accept that good or bad Britney is news.
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