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  1. bc i've been reading this forum for the past 4-5 weeks without posting and so many of you share this general consensus that not all true britney fans do and say a lot of negative things about her performances, and this that and the forth. so it's just in fairness! i mean you responded to my thread with "is this a joke?". obv. not! britney's not like the rest of the bunch, besides the other icons & legends, and so you have to remember that when judging her. a lot of the true fans shy away. & i already asked them to delete it so you're good on that.
  2. this is part of the message i sent to one of the admins who warned me by saying "be nicer to other members. this is a positive forum and you have to realize not everyone has the same opinion as you". POSITIVE LMAO! and said i was racist lol. & i asked them to delete my account but i just wanted to share this with any of the REAL FANS out there. FIGHT FOR BRITNEY all you hiding stans we love you ---------- It would just be nice to construct a place where more intelligent, dedicated Britney fans could congregate together. We don't all share those negative opinions about this project or this thing. And, quite frankly, a lot of us are hiding because of the negativity that these people spew; funny you see it as "positive"... One word answers and little GIFs of random reality stars isn't what it should be. There's a lot to discuss with this incredible woman's career and achievements and a lot to be EXCITED about! I was hoping to pull some more positive people out of the woodwork and hiding, people with intelligent discussions and stuff, but look- my thread got deleted! "Make 'The Worst of' Britney" remains... So, I just hope you know you could have a WAY better forum with WAY more members if you kept more of an eye on certain things. If certain people have weird avatars, names and make continuous jokes about Britney, well, eh.. some true fans may not want to be here. Those are the ones that aren't positive. But, this is your site, and so, have fun!
  3. ? i don't think ur IQ is very high and I'm not your "sis" weird avatar man
  4. that's my fuckin' song so beautiful and innocent and cute britney would HATE YOU just sayin' giggles
  5. you're boring & why the f&&k is your avatar altered like that? xo britney jean
  6. @Ricki Lake in all reality no one really cares what u think i think you have too much time on your hands to be analyzing it so much that song is perf & why is your name that? fuckin weirdo
  7. @ILearnedFromTheBest2 fuck no u stupid cow why the f**k is this the kind of threads that come on this forum UR BORING there is no "worst" it's britney
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