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  1. I saw this pic posted by a fan from a M&G and I am in love with these custom made kicks! This may be a silly question but if you wanted to get custom made Britney shoes as nice as these, would you carefully make them yourself (screenprint?) or hire an artist to do them for you? I'm curious to know if they're hand painted on, copied on, screenprinted or what technique was used?
  2. Britney show on Friday! YAY! :shook:

  3. Is anyone else going to the show this Friday, 8/19? I'm so excited! Thread isn't up yet so I posted in here. I am still thinking of questions to ask Fe and her team.
  4. I could watch this performance over and over and over again like It is my all-time favorite Britney performance. I remember the day after this performance in the grocery store and in the checkout line all the tabloids were of this performance. One of the headlines said "BRITNEY SPEARED." It was such a huge controversy to wear that outfit. Now, 16 years later, look at how many have tried duplicating that outfit and failed. There's only one.
  5. Question 748384 to ask Team Britney: Why did the Make Me video change?
  6. How exciting!!! I've never seen Gwen but I want to see her at some point. I lovee her. Let us know how her show is. ???Are you doing a M&G for Gwen or POM?
  7. Maybe I should ask Felicia any questions so it's not time wasted. Also, at Femme Fatale they were extremely strict about NOT being able to bring anything in the room with us to give to her. One really sweet guy bought her a 4-figure Swarovski crystal necklace and something else and he couldn't even hand it to her! I felt so bad!! But for Piece of Me, I've heard stories where fans have been able to give her things like letters and jewelry and other gifts. Do you guys know anything about this? Are you allowed to bring anything in? I appreciate the responses.
  8. Thanks for your response!! I am *hoping* she performs Private Show too, but I could only get so lucky!!! Five years ago I wish I took a list of questions to ask Fe and/or Britney but I foolishly didn't. The first thing I noticed when Britney extended her hand was her triangle tattoo between her thumb and forefinger. I wish I would have asked what the meaning of it is. Is that a dumb question to ask? Are there any other questions fans want to know? I feel like I will have such a great time and then afterwards think of 10 more questions and have missed my chance. LOL!
  9. Hi fellow stans! I am new and just created an account. I'm excited to be here! I apologize if this isn't the right place for this thread, as I'm still figuring things out. I am going to the Aug 19 POM show. Is anyone else going that day? Also what can you expect from a M&G package? I had one on the FF tour 5 years ago but I don't know if they are different for POM. I'm a lot more nervous now!! What do you ask her? How long do you get with her? Yikes! I appreciate any input you guys can give me. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I'm new! I'm going to the show Aug 19! Let me know if you will be too! :hug:

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