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  1. Completely off-topic But, I just gotta know... What would you do if Britney and Jared hooked up?
  2. Wow. you are a rude nasty little gem aren't you. If you're such a fan why the hell can't you see you spelled Britney's name wrong? And then you proceed to call Britney out for forgetting lyrics to songs she sings night after night? All you had to do was look at the title of the site you were on (Or read one of BRITNEY'S album booklets and yet you forget how to spell her name) Girl you get real
  3. I mean I kind of feel bad for her and other female pop stars when they get asked about Britney in their interviews - because they aren't interesting enough for the interviewer to fill a full one with their own lives... But I also gotta lol when they sound pressed cause Britney sees their texts and deletes them immediately
  4. Obviously his penis is boring because she had to find a way to amuse herself thus this lame interview in which she casually throws Britney under the bus
  5. She was...they also share the same management... But Miley hasn't had a hit since Wrecking Ball so...
  6. LOL you obviously cared enough because you came into the thread to comment....
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