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  1. Of course Britney fans are the first ones to jump of her for doing something they didn't like. Smh sometimes I wonder how Britney can continue to do music for ungrateful people
  2. Okay sis. You need to chill. Go outside. Get fresh air. Suck a dick. Do something sensational.
  3. We're talking about Make Me why the hell are you even mentioning Iggy? Are you okay?
  4. Thank goodness that there are actually mature individuals in here. I think that people need to quickly realize that Britney will do whatever she wants whether we like it or not; and people should be okay with this.
  5. What if Team B is waiting until Beyoncé releases this surprise album with Jason to release the Make Me 1.0 MV? What if instead of a performance, everyone will be watching the original MV that was deemed too raunchy to be released. Oh my poor little stan heart finding ways to justify this injustice. #RIPGLORY This miscarriage will always burn our hearts.
  6. Lol damn calm down Godney looks gorgeous.
  7. My boss yelled at me for watching the Make Me MV. He thought that I was watching pornography. Lol Godney please don't let me get fired. Ahaha
  8. Would be a cool concept I didn't like the Hillary Duff level MV.
  9. Wow that's amazing! It really shows how Britney can take that throne if she really wanted to
  10. Pre-ordered mine ! I got the deluxe explicit to experience the full "Glory"
  11. Private Show is such a good bop. Will be giving a private show tonight just because of this song
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