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  1. Now That I Found You sounds like Britney was drunk and sang over random GarageBand loops and the Kidz Bob version of an Avicii song.
  2. I remember when Make me was first released, there was a TON of fake cd singles. I know Germany (for some reason) still sells a shit ton of CD singles. I've seen this version of the single and it *doesn't appear* to be unofficial. Let me know what you know about this? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Britney-Spears-Make-me-rare-/132280455687?hash=item1ecc879207:g:YRAAAOSwJH1ZNVNv
  3. Apparently, there's a ton of censored covers. Gaga's Artpop, Ariana's My Everything (?), even Justin Bieber's purpose. My friend has a copy of "Circus" where it's just zoomed in on her face Saudi's a mess
  4. Okay so I was in a CD/record store and apparently, they had a SHIT ton of Middle eastern CDs from American artists They had Shakira's "Laundry Service". The cover was zoomed in on her face. They also had another Shakira album, the self-titled one. They had Janet Jackson's Discipline, which is literally nothing like the original. It was super edited, like she was clothed? And they had Britney's Oops I Did it again (click to look at the covers) I had no idea there was even a market for American artists in the Middle east. What's odd is they'll edit the cover and booklet, but not the lyrics themselves? Janet's CD still had "the 1" where Missy raps about a seven-inch dick.
  5. Lowkey better than anything Team Britney could do. The Glory cover is still shit.
  6. The fuck? She can't move her hands.....????? BTW: I know her photos are photoshopped. But this is a piss poor example. What about that picture where she's laying down and the pool is distorted? Those are receipts. Not her moving her hands, sorry
  7. The thing is I don't want to "make" a version, I want the original. Plus this is a LQ copy
  8. This picture is everywhere. It's on CD singles of "Rock 'n ' Roll" and "Anticipating" , and I found it on this "Slave" vinyl label . But I can't seem to find the original ANYWHERE! Anyone have this in HQ?
  9. Read the thread. I said I don't care, I want a list of POSSIBLE OD tracks. Same This! Brit's team told her to basically fuck off and then she went around and leaked "Money, Love & Happiness" in full. But that was a few years ago. She leaked "Take Off" in full a few weeks ago so she could very well get handed a lawsuit. But I hope she doesn't... I want all of Brit's unreleased shit she has
  10. EDIT: Please do not reply with bullshit I told you I won't reply to. Tell me these are from ITZ and I won't reply. (NOT the point of the article.) Because Michelle Bell keeps on fucking leaking The Original Doll tracks (God BLESS her), I'm trying to find a full list of Original Doll scrapped tracks. Some of you are certain that every Original Doll demo or unreleased song is from In the Zone. Some might be but many could very well be from OD. Here's why I think this: Here's a timeline to show how tricky figuring out what tracks were recorded when... Post-Britney 2002–2003: In the Zone Sessions 2003–2004 2003–Mid 2004: Onyx Hotel Tour Sessions (for Original Doll) Post-"Outrageous"/Broken leg 2004: Many tracks were written/recorded for OD Late 2004–2005: Original Doll Sessions Mid 2006–2007: Blackout Sessions -- Anyway, this is the list of all the Original Doll tracks. Many are leaked at least partially and most are confirmed by Michelle Bell. Feel free to leave information so I can update this! LEAKED, CONFIRMED ORIGINAL DOLL TRACKS!
  11. I like the idea of Coupure... but she can speak French as well as Bieber can speak Spanish (not at all) But I love Mood Ring. Would've been a better single than Slumber Party
  12. "For Listening Purposes Only" Like I'm gonna just read the cassette
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