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  1. Beautiful fan with such a great spirit, No wonder Britney was comfortable with you and seemed to like you.
  2. Can't believe Britney is coming back to Europe and I won't see her again. It sucks so bad. Oh well. Hope those who get go have an awesome time there.
  3. yes, please! Now that it's back again and they have all sorts of guests stars, why not the best one?
  4. I'd love to see her reprise her role on Will and Grace!
  5. 5.4 m views. Jesus! Can't they (re)watch Slumber Party or something?
  6. It's a crime against humanity that we don't have a "Just Dance: Britney version" after all this time. They used to do it with Singstar (with other artists) and I loved it. It'd be perfect!
  7. Yeah, they have a couple. My favourite is Circus. The routine is pretty awesome.
  8. I always buy the Just Dance games eventually, but this one will be a day 1 purchase! Now, if only could get some of her older songs too, that'd be great.
  9. Honestly, it's because most people have lost interest in her music. SP was one the best videos she's ever made. There is no reason for it be still at 70m views. People simply don't care. She can release music all she wants but unless something huge happens, people won't bother. Hence why famewhores like Beyonce use their husband's cheating or their pregnancies to get people talking about their music. They have great teams behind them that make sure they remain somewhat relevant.
  10. Sorry to ruin the party, but I get the impression that even though she did sing live, unless you're fan, it's nothing to write home about. I read a lot of comments online and people kept going over technical stuff I don't understand arguing that she can't hit the right notes or that her voice is not strong enough. I personally enjoyed it because I'm a fan, but I wonder how good it actually was. Would a non fan be impressed? I may show it to some friends and see.
  11. And they still refuse to nominate her for anything. They can all go to hell.
  12. Britney doesn't care enough even to mispronounce her name.
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