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  1. The link send me to a website telling me to download Mega app but I already have it. I can't seen to open it in the app to download it ?
  2. Y'all press bitches need to tone it down with all the negativity. It's always something... she didn't do this or she picked the worst songs or there was no choreo.. I get it not everyone is going to agree with everything that she does and someone is always going to bitch about something. At the end of the day BRITNEY is promoting even if it's not necessarily most of the songs from Glory. She is putting herself in the spotlight and it's so refreshing to see her be in her zone. She has the confidence to do all these shows. If she put out her album and didn't promote y'all would be bitching regardless. So can we all just enjoy what our queen is giving us?? I love being a Britney fan especially right now but seeing negative comments over and over is shut a turn off. Sadly the Britney Army is never satisfied. I will be playing this iHeart performance over and over again.. She slayed me tonight!
  3. Will this Glory tour include videos of her performing?
  4. Team Britney are really killing it this time around. I mean releasing songs as long as you pre order her future # 1 album.. compared to before when her album leaked in full & they really couldn't savage the situation but be force to release her album earlier than expected.
  5. I can't believe my ears. She makes me so proud to be her fan!!
  6. Honestly I would show my boyfriend this (no shame) ??? I just wish it was a higher quality but fuck she looks good! ?
  7. I'm really digging that bikini a la make me ohh lol
  8. Omg when she gets on top of the bed and starts singing to make me ohhh.. I could only picture what slayage she will grace us on the video with mmo
  9. She says Friday in the beginning? Wtf I could never understand what she was trying to say. I thought it was Practically, Frankly.. something along those lines lol
  10. This will be me when the Make Me video comes out [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
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