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  1. Happy Birthday Francos!

  2. Noralon noralon noralooon
  3. @@WeKeepOnRockin You should retire before the B Army drags you! And she should not retire
  4. If you are flexible enough you can bend into the bag and come with me
  5. Gracias! me voy a hospedar en el mismo Planet Hollywood Resort así que espero estar temprano en la fila
  6. Thank u all for your comments! I still can't believe it
  7. I've been saving for some time and was finally able to buy tickets! I will travel from Argentina to Los Angeles on 02/02/2015, I will know the city (I want to see Britney's star on the Walk of Fame, among other things) And I'll be in Vegas from 02/06/2015. I have tickets for the show on Saturday February 7, 2015, Section GA-LFT, GA0 Row, Seat 1 I am so excited and anxious haha
  8. AP and Main Paged http://britney-galaxy.com/universe/topic/3779-happy-14th-anniversary-oops-i-did-it-again-tour/
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