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  1. @iHeartRadio what can we expect from the #IlluminateWorldTour #iHeartShawnMendes

  2. @LooneyTunesCDS can we buy online? Any Britney Spears one?

  3. @JackJesseSpears where is the full video ?

  4. Desjardins finalement compatible avec Apple pay !! #applepay #Desjardins

  5. @britneyspears @AppleMusic it was so much fun to watch this at work!!!

  6. @ShawnMendes JUST GOT AN AMAZING TICKET FOR MONTREAL!!! Cant wait!!!! #Row13

  7. @PascalBerube si vous n'aviez pas pris position pour le diable incarné, alors, peut-être vos journées serait moin longue

  8. @basicshawn interested, sold? How much?

  9. RT @AMENARTPOP: RT this if you want RedOne on Lady Gaga's next album. #JusticeForRedOne https://t.co/D2GFmEHNvK

  10. @britneyspears i'm totally in love with Coupure Electrique, how come you decided to include a full french song? #AboutGlory

  11. @KimKardashian @britneyspears what a Glorious Fan!! Glory is soooo good! Im obsessed!

  12. RT @britneyspears: It's not just a stage. It's a story… @MTV #VMAs August 28. https://t.co/crfeNGKhMe

  13. @britneyspears @JKCorden @latelateshow omggg im sooo happy!!! Cant wait to see it!!!! #BritneyOnCarpoolKaraoke

  14. @thisisBURNS we are too

  15. @britneyspears @Spotify private show is my favorites song since forever

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