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  1. she isn't from a generation who has extremly high youtube views and it's also not really important. Same with the follower in Instagram or Twitter
  2. I think they will change one outfit or some parts of it
  3. Now name for her show in Vegas now. Not Piece of Me anymor. Its Whenever you want now?
  4. the hot pants with the crop would be great but without the belt pleaese.
  5. @JonHardy!Same hopes like you but won´t happen because of what the designers create/desing nowadays
  6. @ILearnedFromTheBest2 he is very important because he is the male choregraph of her show.
  7. I really like her but all her fans should acceppt that britney will ever be on of the biggest name in pop music but she will never have big success with her music anymore. But she is still successfull with other things like her perfume or her pom show in vegas
  8. I like her but her fans should be realistig. Her name is still big but she doesn´t fits in this time to have big hits anymore but she will ever be on of the biggest popstars ever but she won´t be really succesfull with her songs anymore but still has success with other things like her pom show or her perfumes and so on.
  9. @sincio8 Same opinion like you and her body looks great only her face doesn´t look as good as it could most of the time but this could be a late consequence of her breakdown with all the drugs and alcohol and the medicine she gets since that but in more in more pics she is looking more fresh and natural again. Only the thing with her lips was very stupid of herl. But all in all this Brit is the best since 2004 and most important she looks happy again.
  10. @alexdailyHope that too but we can´t see anything because the picture quality is really bad.
  11. @M.E.Same opinion. Britney always looks the best in those tops/shirts. Only the sweatpants want be something for the stage but instead of that some nice jeans or tight pants
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