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  1. I was so pissed off ngl.. I mean, Gloreh is a very good album!
  2. CYM is a masterpiece.. It needs to be a single.. But knowing Knee's team, I doubt.. They probably threw the album in the trash now
  3. More like because the dance moves is too complicated and hard for her now...
  4. She only looks fierce when posing after minor movement on stage.. When she moves, she looks like a controlled robot
  5. The only problem with those pics is that her tragic lips
  6. I know it is fake but What Chu Need as a single is something that not even a human could think of
  7. Just come here to list down the ignored masterpieces by her team : - Better -No Seas Cortes -Man On The Moon -Love Me Down
  8. LMAO.. That moment when we thought she was lying and just fooling all them chinese gay fans
  9. Well baby lemme' tell you that her dancers will be performing brand new choreos while Britney will be strolling on stage like she always does...