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  1. OK, yes I know - for years I hated when people self-promoted either reaction videos or covers but I'm now becoming one of those losers lol... Since Britneyworld is slightly dormant until we get this elusive 'Apple Pie', I thought I'd go back in time for a sec.. Remember that awful Primetime interview with Diane Sawyer?? I did a little commentary about the 'I'd shoot Britney' thing because I felt like ranting. WHO says something like that (besides a nobody)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyCvmH8ee9w
  2. Lmaooo... I did not have high expectations. But it's good! (Ask me again in 6 months though )
  3. Finally got my perfume and mist spray today!! Of course, had to YouTube this blessing... Does anyone else like the scent?? It surprised me!
  4. You definitely should be able to, that is actually where I got mine (and luckily got a nice, clean new copy without a shipping label). So I know they are still out there! But thank you for watching, yeah I wanted to try to pan out all the pages for those who don't have the mag.
  5. I didn't actually end up buying the issue until many years later so I didn't know what the contents were (apart from the photos that were inescapable from the media.) It's strange to see Bryan talking about sneaking Britney into a cool New Orleans bar and Lynne wanting to tag along. How could they not print that though? Journalist gold to them. Still a classic mag, though. Everything else about it I like, glad to have this one in my collection.
  6. It's a glass blunt filled with marijuana, and I was offering my fellow Britney stans a toke to relax, chill, and with this stuff it makes 'Britney Jean' a solid album!
  7. If it is, someone can it down...
  8. Also - question, I wasn't a Brit stan yet around this era, was the fact that she openly talked about drinking with her mom and Bryan, was that anything people made a fuss over back then?
  9. Lol! Sorry sorry that statement made NO sense I meant is this the right SECTION to post your own stuff lmao 😂😂
  10. And btw - if posting your own video is against policy, let me know - i'm not trying to come off all thirst trapping lol.
  11. Obviously not new at all, but I'm jobless for the summer, bored and decided to start making unboxing videos, decided to make one on the Iconic issue.
  12. Mark

    ♡ That Poppy ♡

    you kill me... she really is awesome... But yes, totally creepy lol.
  13. My latest obsession. She opened for Kesha. Signed to Island Records, posts a series of interesting videos on YouTube. Her EP is incredible. THE MUSIC Here is her latest single 'Money'. You HAVE to check out these videos. I love this kind of mysterious sh*t. Get into her! Poppy seems to be under some stress ....