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  1. ♡ That Poppy ♡

    you kill me... she really is awesome... But yes, totally creepy lol.
  2. My latest obsession. She opened for Kesha. Signed to Island Records, posts a series of interesting videos on YouTube. Her EP is incredible. THE MUSIC Here is her latest single 'Money'. You HAVE to check out these videos. I love this kind of mysterious sh*t. Get into her! Poppy seems to be under some stress ....
  3. So far, FYE has an exclusive... .... a free postcard. (Although their sale price is pretty good).
  4. At least this means there will be a remix on the album lol...
  5. (Edit: Sorry @ILearnedFromTheBest2 I didn't see you already posted this) http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SICP-4953 Special Feature / Bonus Track: Japan only bonus track(s) (subject to change)
  6. Since I'm sort of a newbie stan, I was curious - why was 'Deep In My Heart' left off of the US edition of the album? She was performing it during her mall tour set. Was it just deemed too 'Euro' pop for the US market? I love it so much. Super pop Brit.
  7. I'm a collecting freak lol.. …Baby - 4 Oops! - 3 Britney - 3 In The Zone - 2 Greatest Hits - 4 B-Mix - 1 Blackout - 2 Circus - 1 The Singles Collection - 4 Femme Fatale - 3 B-Mix II - 2 Britney Jean - 2
  8. Watch the Japanese edition add on two Make Me remixes (a la 'Britney Jean')
  9. Any word so far about store exclusives? I checked Target, Walmart, Best Buy, FYE, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon - all have it up for presale but no mention of any bonus material. I wonder if we'll get anything like that. 17 tracks is still an amazing amount but I'm greedy. At least the Japanese edition will have some kind of bonus. Edit: FYE: Free postcard Japanese Edition: TBA
  10. Oooh okay I wasn't sure..
  11. That can't be correct because Mood Ring isn't on there, isn't that semi-confirmed to be an album track?
  12. My random Britney thought for tonight... In 2001, Britney and Jennifer Lopez (along with many other big artists at the time) collaborated on a song called 'What's Going On' (a Marvin Gaye cover). In 2016, Britney and Jennifer Lopez (along with many other big artists of this time) collaborated on a song called 'Hands' (an original Justin Tranter/Julia Michaels song). FUNNY THINGY! J.Lo and Brit Brit both sing lines right after one another in both songs! (Random tee hee hee hee )
  13. Yasss.. *stanning for you right now*
  14. Crush - Single [Zippyshare]
  15. Jennifer Paige! I knew I liked you...