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  1. Hmm, idk about that- there are still a lot of people who dislike her. But I do think her image is the best it's been in a long time.
  2. Her waste is so tiny. She's just crazy fit right now... damn.
  3. Um, you do realize that this interview was likely done weeks ago, way before the Super Bowl, right?
  4. It sounds to me like he/she is criticizing the staging of the performance, not Britney's actual performance. I don't think it was meant to be an attack on her.
  5. If I were Iggy, I wouldn't care if they released my sex tape- nowadays a sex tape just adds to your notoriety and makes you even more famous. And I definitely wouldn't apologize to Azealia for anything, because Azealia is a nasty beast who was looking for attention and realized that attacking another female artist - especially Iggy, who had already received a good bit of criticism for being a white girl in the rap game - is the way to get it. If she had gone after Britney, Gaga, Katy, Madonna, etc. (aka, artists who have huge fan bases and are generally liked by the GP), people would have torn her to shreds for being such a bitch. Anyway, I hope the song isn't delayed, just because I'm so thirsty for new Britney music.
  6. Why can't Britney work with someone like her, an actual artist who has real talent, over Iggy? You have Tinashé, Charli XCX, etc., etc., talking about how they'd love to do something with Britney, and instead she and her out-of-touch team go after Iggy? I wouldn't have minded the Iggy collaboration 6 months ago, when Iggy was on top of the world and people liked her, but it just seems like a terrible business decision now, at the height of this "Iggy is a racist who misappropriates black culture!!1!" hysteria. I wouldn't want Britney to get dragged into that shit. Hopefully her team uses sense for once and cuts Iggy from the song.
  7. I actually really liked her ombre hair earlier this year...it was a good look on her. I wouldn't mind something like that. I wouldn't hate it if she went black again, either.
  8. 'Alien', 'Work Bitch', 'Til It's Gone', 'Don't Cry', 'Brightest Morning Star', and 'Hold On Tight' are the only songs that are good as they are. I would make changes to every other track on the album: 1. 'Perfume'- Instead of trying to belt the chorus and sounding so strained, I wish she had sung it in falsetto, like the chorus of 'BMS'. 2. 'It Should Be Deleted'- Yeah, this song shouldn't even be on the album, period. But if it absolutely had to be included, Britney should have done will.i.am's parts, and the unnecessary effects on her voice should have been removed. 3. 'Tik Tik Boom'- Anticlimactic. I like it, but it goes nowhere. All of the remixes are better, because they actually pump some life into the song. 4. 'Body Ache'- Same as above. Plus, Myah's vocals on the second verse are so noticeable. 5. 'Passenger'- "Riiiiiiiiiiiide"...need I say more? 6. 'Chillin' With You'- It belongs in the scrap heap with 'ISBE'. You can't tell me that Britney didn't record at least two other songs that were better than these two. 7. 'Now That I Found You'- This wouldn't be bad if it didn't sound so unfinished and demo-ish. Too bad, because it would have been a decent single. Anyway, I really hope that Album 9 is a return to form and that it isn't so easy to criticize the majority of it, like it is with BJ.
  9. Er, don't get your hopes up about that. Britney hates doing promo, so I doubt she asked to have her contract changed so she can do more of it. I do think she's going to push this album harder than she did BJ, though. Those insiders said that she was pissed about BJ's under-performance and that she wants to get people talking again and make a splash with her new material, so I'm guessing she'll actually do some real promo this time around. I wouldn't be surprised if she performed the lead single in Vegas and had it taped to air on various shows. That'd be the smart thing to do.
  10. Why do some people always have to rain on other people's parades? Seriously, no one cares if you think it's Fe's signature and not Britney's. It's still awesome, either way.
  11. Because it isn't that good? I mean, it's a cute bop and all, but it isn't any better than any of the songs that actually made the album.
  12. I'm hoping that Britney's team cuts Iggy from the first single because of all the controversy and shit surrounding her right now. I don't want Britney dragged into any of the racism claims against Iggy, and if Britney drops a song featuring Iggy anytime soon, you know the idiots out there will call Brit racist by association.
  13. As far as I can remember, 'Boom Boom' was supposed to be the fourth single, with 'Breathe On Me' slated as the fifth, and she was going to perform a mash-up of both at the '04 VMAs. That was the rumor back then, I think. Both songs probably would have slayed, especially the former, since hip-hop and "urban" music was so big at the time. 'Outrageous' fucking ruined everything- if Jive hadn't insisted on making it a single just for the stupid Catwoman tie-in, Britney never would have been filming that video, meaning she wouldn't have blown out her knee. And because of her injury, the movie tie-in was dropped, so it was all a huge waste in the end, anyway. Ugh. The sad thing is, Britney hated that song and never wanted it to be released, but the label went against her wishes and then the shit hit the fan.
  14. Honestly, I don't see those results as surprising at all. To most kids, Britney is some washed-up singer who was popular a hundred years ago, went crazy & shaved her head at some point, and is now performing in Vegas with the rest of the has-beens. It's sad, but true. Those kids didn't get to experience her peak, so they don't remember how awesome she was and how she ruled the world. This reminds me of when Lorde, who's 17, said that she really only knew of Britney because of the breakdown "era" and not because of her music, performances, accomplishments, etc.
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