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  1. I am sooo pumped!!! I hope she performs Glory music. Mood Ring is so chill! She is really serving it up in Vegas too. Great time to be a fan!!! She is busting her ass
  2. I love this era so much. I love how playful she is being on Instagram The Drama and Suspense is killer The music is everything!! Corky, sexy, experimental, and fresh. Even my friends and family who are not Brit fans have been very curious and love her new sound. "Damn! Thats Britney?" Slay Us Love ❤️❤️❤️
  3. I think the music video that was released is ... I retract that statement lmao I am very impressed by this ERA:) at the end of the day it's a video. On to the next:)
  4. This is Awesome!!!! Pull out the butt plugs and grab a fresh one... Its gunna be great ride hoes
  5. She has the best spirit. I couldnt be more proud of her. She works so hard! Enjoy the salt water and sunshine?
  6. I think it's awesome Britney is pioneering Las Vegas. I went for New Years. Britney was amazing! They really are turning Vegas into a tourist/family city. Its a fun place to see a show. I wish they had a lot more artists. I will say I do enjoy concerts better. You get to see fans freaking out and having fun. Vegas is more posh, people holding phones instead of singing and dancing. Was still epic. Great Time!!!
  7. I watched this live? She was brought on the show as a big fan of Brits. Oprah kinda grilled her on why she thought Brit should be a role model
  8. @JocastaIsYoMama I ❤️ Dont Hang Up! I feel like nobody mentions.
  9. I love the outfit with G Easy. Its a new silhouette and very flattering. I really like when she does new things.
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