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  1. I hadn't seen this posted anywhere and just stumbled upon it tonight. Thought I'd share for those who haven't seen it yet either. Her taste is A1 ! Britney, if you are reading this, I am volunteering free maid service and/or offering myself up to you for adoption. That house though !
  2. I remember being one of the first to post about this on Exhell. #IWillNeverForget
  3. Haha her country accent tho. I've never seen this !
  4. That's Carlos. He's been working with her since 2011. Very cool to see her in such a candid way though. Awesome video.
  5. I do too. There's so many different ways she could go musically with an album of that title. I think it would be very cool.
  6. My friends don't think about her. Unless it's to criticize my love for her.
  7. I wonder to whom you got this topic from .. http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/632934-amanda-bynes-i-wish-britney-spearss-father-was-my-father/
  8. I remember being so excited when this song leaked along with Red is The Color, and about 4 others I can't remember atm. I love it.
  9. damnn she should have been wearing THAT for her lingerie reveal ! and she looks way better in it than the models did.
  10. I legit thought that was Neydeney at first glance.
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