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  1. Listen around 3:30, the chipmunk voice from iTunes is there
  2. @kinganthony if you have any contact with Britney's team, you should tell them to change back the audio to the one it had at the beginning. That's the worst decision they've made with this song, why did they think the chipmunk voice would be better?
  3. I think I had one in here too But yeah, that's what Felicia told me on Facebook. I don't know if someone has asked her in person.
  4. RIP I know it's silly, but just last night I was looking for M&G pictures, and this particular picture from the FFT came out, and I noticed how Britney and him put their hands the same way. Did he have an illness?
  5. I always noticed, especially in the Toxic video, but I thought it was only in that occasion, I never noticed that every other wink gif it's the same lol
  6. send me the link or gift it to me please! lol I can't listen to it
  7. no way! I was just thinking they should upload her performances (but on her vevo channel)
  8. 23 I've been a fan since kindergarden when BOMT came out. God bless my cousins who watched MTV all day.
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